Zec4win and Private key

I got a problem - I used Zec4win, but now it is not available. I am unable to import my private key to other wallets.
(Exodus shows error, Zecwallet.Lite.1.3.3 shows error too)
How can I access my funds?
I really need help

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Hi @Mark

Zec4win was a full node wallet, and as you already know it has been depreciated.

You should be able to get your wallet.dat file from Zec4win and use it with ZecWallet Fullnode.

  • Download ZecWallet Fullnode
  • let it completely sync 100%
  • stop it
  • replace the newly created ZecWallet wallet.dat file with your old wallet.dat file from Zec4win
  • restart ZecWallet and perform a -rescan
  • your funds should show in your balance

Hopefully this works for you :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you! I hope this really works. Have a nice day, my friend! You saved my money :slight_smile:

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