HD Wallet Utility

Hey everyone,
I just wanted to share a tool I wrote that lets users generate HD wallets for bitcoin ethereum or zcash.
Its a simple command line tool that is hopefully easy to use and read through (Always want to read through code from other people that deals with money).

Its up on github here: GitHub - whyrusleeping/hdkeyutils: Tools for working with hierarchically deterministic keys


I :heart:’d this, because I love the idea and see a need for this tool, but I haven’t looked at the code and can’t vouch for its safety or security. I can vouch for @whyrusleeping, though, because we’ve met in person and he seems like an excellent hacker. :wink:


Could this be used to obtain the xpub key as well?

Thank you!

Sorry, posted too soon. This did the trick. Thanks!

hdkeyc priv getmasterpub test.key

@dent Yeah, I could definitely have better docs. I’ll try and make the commands all a bit more obvious soon :slight_smile: