Hdmi 2 pcie version 3 video capture card

i have buy VidyoRoom PC for home use and i found a capturing card in my pc (hdmi2pcie version 3 video capture card) and i did not have card driver or software for it, please give me the software or driver if any one have or tell me how can i use it.
i am showing you Card https://www.ebay.com/itm/122637189003?rmvSB=true
epiphan hdmi2pcie video capture card.
i just want to install this hardware in my system i want use just only capturing card but Epiphan manufacturer not support me plz tell me how can i install this card driver ?
Thank you…

DVI2PCIe drivers, documentation, & software - Epiphan Video ???

Sir already tried this Software but this is for DVI2PCIe card not for my card

send an email to their support desk support@vidyocloud.com