I need help with setting up my miner

So I install 3 amd gpu to my asrock h110 pro btc+
And it on sees on gpu in ethos os and it doesn’t see the other two what am I Do I g wrong and it will not mine can some one help me please.

What OS are you using?
Do you have the latest drivers?
Does the other 2 cards have power?
Are your risers connected properly and powered?

Always start with the OS, make sure that it sees the cards, you have all the updates and the latest drivers.
Then worry about mining.

OS is ethos
And aero itx. Rx 550 4gb oc
Using riser usb style not ribbon
Using 850 psu
Asrock h110 btc +pro
4gb ram
32 gb ssd

Ok does Ethos see all the cards? I am unfamiliar with that OS myself.

It see one but not the other two unless you recommend linx software and miner software and does it really matter on ram or no

No i think ethos is fine, perhaps anyone else can confirm if its like windows and has to have all the video cards seen by the OS.

I would check your power\risers and connections.
Perhaps swap out risers if you have some spares.
Test your video cards directly into the board one at a time to make sure they all work.
Then just start with 2 cards and see how things go.

Once the box is stable add in the third.

Thank you for the help

NO issues at all, let me know how it goes and we can work through it.

Thank I will let you know when I get back home from work.