Help 13 sol/s with I7 6700K


Please i need help

I have a I7 6700K and im only getting 13 - 15 sol/s

Im using:
My bat: nheqminer_suprnova -u worker -p 123456 -t 6

The say: "This release (V0.3a) supports:

very fast CPU implementation (up to 40 Sol/s on i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz), based on xenoncat solvers
support for NVIDIA GPUs, based on Tromp solvers"

but im not near to 40 Sol/s

What im doing wrong? is my bat wrong?


i would also like to know if this is just with cpu? is this linux or windows based? also using what processor please

Yes only with CPU i have i7 6700K on windows 7 im using 6/8

Im on linux with i7 6700 and i get 26 sol/s
Try using 7 cores :wink:

delete -t and u should be at 20 sols around

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<My bat: nheqminer_suprnova -u worker -p 123456 -t 6 >

If you delete -t 6 you'll be using all your recourses, same than setting -t 8 (your processor has 8 threads).

Also you can check if you have others processes running in the background spending %CPU.


13 Sol/s is about the speed of Tromp's solver. Make sure your CPU is executing Xenoncat's AVX2 solver. It should be choosing it automatically. One other thing is that if you have single channel RAM you're gonna have a bad time and probably getting around the same performance. Running dual channel should basically double your performance.