Help 7990 PSU and Riser help needed :)

So i have a 7990, I have a spare 550w power supply, my plan is to buy add2psu and use the 550w PSU only for the 7990 would that be ok?

Also i only have a few 16x PCI-E slots on my motherboard, no more 1x left, can someone link me on ebay a good 16x to 16x extension on ebay or point me in the right direction? or can i use a 1x to 16x in a 16x slot?



@Matthium you will be fine with 1x 16x risers in your x16 slots
Yes power supply will be fine if setup correct and has enough amps on 12 volt rail although if it’s a cheap one have you checked it’s got sufficient pci-e connections to run your card,you would be best picking up a supply that can handle both board and card though,that’s trouble with card you have it loves power😀

Hi, as per other post, I’d keep things simple - try to use the same PSU for card and mobo - a good 550w should just be ok for a single 7990 and CPU . PCIe 1x to 16x riser will work too. I use USB risers, they’ll need own molex power supply.
I’ve a rig running 1x 7990, 1x 7950 and 2x 280x all on risers and with at 1200w PSU, no issues.