PSU and risers help

Greetings! Im just started mining and recently got hold of some GPUs and immolanning on converting my gaming pc to a miner as well.

Here are the parts that im using (what i have laying around, not bought intentionally for mining)

Msi z87 m-power max motherboard
16gb memory
Lepa maxbron m1000m (1000w bronze)
EVGA supernova 850w g3

5x evga 1080 ti sc2 icx
1x evga 1080 ti founders

-are my power supplies sufficient enough? I know the lepa bronze is not optimal but if i can get away with it right now then so be it.

-which pci e risers should i get? What to look for like ver, capacitor etc.

Thank you!

Each of those cards could draw 270 watts. But most people run them under powered. But 6x270 equals 1620w. Then you have about 100w for the other stuff. So max could be 1750w or so. Those power supplies could handle it but you would probably be best to set the cards at no more than 80% power.
Risers. I like to use ones with 4 capacitors and 6 pin or Molex connectors. A lot of people use sata but that is rated to 54w. The 1080ti can draw the full 75w from the riser so possibly fire hazard. Especially if you are not connecting the riser directly to the psu. If you have some type of adapter that converts sata to Molex or 6 pin, that is a huge fire hazard for such a powerful card. I don’t care if someone says "i have been running it fine for X months, it’s still overloading the line. It depends if you want the possibility of burning your place down. Best connection is 6pin directly to the riser. Next best is Molex directly to the riser. On a lower card or majorly under power sata direct to the riser. Good luck.

Get two PSU’s and a dual PSU connector. I use the Rosewell 1000w Hive PSU’s.

Thank you for your reply. Any specific brand for the pci risers? I onow they have ver 006 007 etc. supernova g3 850 can handle 3 1080 tis at 80% power and molex pci risers correct? And i can plug the other videocards plus cpu, mobo, ram and ssd on the 1000w bronze.

Am i missing a lot of profit by using 1000w bronze compared to say gold with high efficiency?

Look for risers that have 4 capacitors and 6 pin and molex connectors. I get ones that have all 3. These ones are a decent price and have SATA, Molex, 6 pin. (they advertise them as ethereum mining - but they are for any coin - maybe they should adjust their headings)

As far as power supply the bronze is Ok, but the efficiency is not as good and the protection from power spikes and other issues is not as good as gold. If you have one component that you don’t want to cheap out on with expensive cards like the 1080ti - it’s the power supply. But it will work. I am more concerned with reliable power to the expensive card vs the efficiency loss. So you lose maybe 50-100w efficiency at max. Yes if you are paying a lot for electricity it will add up down the line. maybe 10-15 cents loss per day. 3-4 bucks a month with a bronze vs Gold. And that’s a maybe. Personally i like EVGA their PSU are rock solid under testing. Below is a fully modular 1000w. It’s a bit pricey but it’s super good.