New here, couple questions

So I have a HP 8000 SFF Desktop laying around it says in the user manual that it has three PCI express slots. Can I buy some GPU cards and use this as a mining rig? I’m guessing I’m going to need a PCI riser adapters to run any GPUs recommendations or do I build a different rig?

If you are willing to have a more powerful power supply hanging out of the case, you can make it work but the original 240 watt power supply is not going to allow much upgrade. You will definitely need risers. The small form factor case is very restrictive to expansion physically but you can break out of the box :slight_smile:

Agreed, break out the box. Use the parts you have to start a machine.

Thanks for the quick responses, so I break out of the box. Im guessing the i3 will suffice and a power supply would be my next purchase next to risers and a few GPU’s? Recommendations on risers? I saw some real janky ones and don’t want to buy garbage. If this is maxed out how many watt power supply would I need to run 3 GPU’s?