Help: how to deal with the problem that the coin of ibitcome wallet cannot be transferred out successfully

Hi.I am a newcomer and a newcomer to Zec. Recently, I was preparing to transfer some coins from a wallet(iBitcome).
The transfer failed. The interface shows: 16: mandatory script verify flag failed (script evaluated without error but finished with a false / empty top stack element).
Then I found the customer service of the wallet supplier, and she didn’t pay attention to me all the time. I sent an email to the supplier for consultation, indicating that the email was not sent successfully.
Now I suspect that the iBitcome wallet has stopped operation.
But the wallet interface shows that the coins are still there, or even the current market value. How can I transfer my coins out of this wallet now?

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I’d say just keep trying, restart your device or see if you can send to DeX exchange they mention and then to a different wallet, their posts haven’t been updated in over a year so yeah it’s not looking too good man :grimacing:
If you do get it out these are the supported wallets, you shouldn’t have much trouble with these
also a comparison, you’ll notice ibitcome it’s not listed

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Do you have the seed and/or private keys? Get a new wallet.

Thank you. I used mnemonics to create a new wallet on coinomi. This wallet shows all the coins. But when I tried to transfer some of the coins from coinomi’s wallet to trade, it didn’t work!

After exporting coins from the original ibitcome wallet, I didn’t delete the Zec wallet. Did this cause the current coinomi wallet transaction to fail

That shouldn’t be a factor
Similar issue recurring with the Nano Ledger on a separate thread and one might think it could be the same problem; that the wallet providers need to update
(Hang in there!)

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