How To Mine With Best Efficiency and SOl/s With 2 GPU?

Hello everyone i am new to mining currently i am mining Zcash i have started mining few days back with Asus Strix GTX 1060@6GB in which i was getting 330+Sol/s and efficiency was 3.50+ i forgot exact

Now i bought another GPU MSI 1070ti TITANIUM now on both GPU with some Overclocking I am getting 830-840 Sol/s But 2.80-2.89 Efficiency Check screenshot and my OC settings are
for GTX 1060 +200 on Core Clock and +530 on Memory(Cant overclock memory more it kinds of hang)
for GTX 1070ti +200 on Core Clock and +675 on Memory(I dont know and not tested if i can go more)

Now I have changed the power settings dropped down to 80% on both cards and getting total of 820-830Sols/S Efficiency still 3.00 approx

what i want to know can i improve my mining sols more and what is this efficiency? its lower better or higher

really you have 2 choices here.

The 1st one your already doing, try to boost that sucker hard.

the 2nd is lowering the clocks a bit and lowering your power limit aswell.

just play around with it.

Depending on your system power use… in total you will get around 2-2.5 Sol/watt I guess. So it is worth overclock it like you do.

You could consider undervolt and underclock your CPU/RAM though.

Considering this you could even add for example cheap 970’s or similar if available for more Sol/s at around same Sol/watt.
I get only around 2 Sol/watt in total (still old PSU’s 80 Plus Bronce): Core 2 Quad undervoltet (150watt mining is not optimal and PSU’s are important too)
1000 Sol with 2x 970’s and 980 Ti @ 2.3 Sol/watt
800 Sol with 1060 3 GB @ 3.35 Sol/watt and 1070 @ 4 Sol/watt

1800 Sol/s @ 900 watts at the wall.

I managed to do some changes and getting 830-870 sols… 3.60+ efficiency

Mining zcash is good or mine something else??

For now in this moment it looks like Zcash is the best. :wink:

This could change in seconds.

I had recently to take down 1060 clocks because of instability. Be prepared… :wink:

You are mining with?
i am using ZM an Equihash miner for Nvidia GPUs"zm_0.5.7_Miner"

Same here. Smaller (alt) pools even show same hashrate as the miner now. Very happy with it.

Sorry I forgot. Lower your TDP a bit!
I did lower power to 82% TDP +250 core + 1000 mem Micron with 1070
75% TDP +180 core + 380 mem Hynix with 1060 3GB

Thanks for reply ill try those settings
and i am mining zec then i had to convert it to ETH so that to convert the same in indian exchange sites