Help me mining plz

the server is xeon e5-2620 v2 - 12core, run mining, features 10 s / s, as far as I understand there should be more help to raise the job ...

I have been trying to follow this idiot's guide to set up mining on my new all-in-one Lenovo - 8RAM, ie5.

I'm a clueless tard, but ambitious lol. :persevere:

The tutorial links this video to set up ubuntu on a virtual box in windows.

I can follow instructions, but I do not get the option to adjust CPUs in processor or select accelerator tabs as he does in the video. When it comes to hitting 'start' in the VM half way through the video I get this error message...

Anyone fancy helping out a clueless old man who can't even work the remote control because it has too many buttons?

How do I enable VT-x in the BIOS? where and what? /scratches head and gets more frustrated by the minute :grin:



Somebody help me please!!! /sob

what windows r u using it ? if windows 10 best is u can use bash (ubuntu on windows) than VM.