Help rename & rebrand zec-qt-wallet!

Z-fold, 20characters

Even better! The Aegis combat system “uses powerful computer technology to track and guide weapons”

so we track Zcash? :laughing:

There excists allready a wallet named aegis since 2014, so i think it’s not a good idea …

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‘ZECollecter’ - something that collects ZEC

Yes, hopefully you use the wallet to track your ZEC.

I suggest just removing the “qt”, so:

zec-wallet or ZEC-Wallet or ZEC Wallet


So many great ideas here and on twitter to pick a final name. I’m going to create a poll with my favorites so far.

ZecWallet, Phalanx, Aegis Wallet, Zeal.

I’ll check domain names availability, previously used names etc… for the finalists and make a poll


we need simple name : zpay

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The userbase zecqtwallet commands will be leverage for the Foundation when balancing its powers against the Company. The company has all-star marketing talent. How would you name this product with the intent of selling it TO THE PUBLIC?

We have to think of attracting NEW users, as well as inspiring early adopters to grow along for the ride, we cannot simply pick our favorite names. Besides, it is not up to us, it is the customer that is always right!!!

We must aim to attract more users with this name change; we can educate a new base on the products features.


It has the worst connotations: something you are afraid to forget, something that is a single point of failure, something that can easily be lost, misplaced, stolen.

In fact, nobody really wants a wallet but they are required because of TRADITIONAL BANKING SERVICES we are callled to disrupt.

i have my private keys hidden in plain sight. who cares if i lose a wallet? i have my keys and my z’s even if i’m naked!!!

let’s focus on our main differentiator, z2z.

don’t forget, z2z includes messaging.
zecqt is not a wallet… its a money messenger, a zaddress book…

money AND speech! That being said, please consider the following names:

Zed, keeps it deceptively simple. Rhymes with “said”, allows you to think of money and speech (unlike wallet), and some people say “zee-cash” like “zed-cash”

Zaddy, playful description of zecqtwallet, which, to me, is just an advanced address book. send money and messages from z to z with zaddy!

I think Zenmo would capture minds of masses…We replace public comment with public or private messaging via taddr or zaddr! Or, instead of using a similar name, copy Venmo’s user-experiences as shamelessly as Instagram does Snapchat.


Seems you missed my post with a link to an allready excisting Aegis Wallet since 2014…
I doubt it’s a good idea to use exactly the same name from another excisting wallet, this doesn’t sound right.

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While you see them as negatives i see them as positives.

Being afraid to forget or lose it reminds me that it has value, that i have to give it extra security, maintance, observation, care, whatever.

If you have something to do with finances, no matter if it’s a bank account, purse, wallet, shares, credit, credit card, (list goes on …) it’s a good thing allways to have in mind NOT to forget them, give them attention, keep them secure. These are important associations and i personally see no logic why this should be considered “bad connotations”?!

Than we have the problem or aim of mass adoption anyway. Users are used with words like Paper wallet, desktop wallet, qt wallet, cli cliient, lite wallet, mobile wallet and so on.

I would agree with using something else like wallet IF it was something new and different, but let’s be honest it’s just a desktop wallet. Why the hell should it be called something different?

I don’t like banks myself, it has in many cases bad connotation, but renaming or calling the bank to Club for example doesn’t change the fact it’s simply just still a bank, lol.

Just my 2 cents why it should include wallet.


While we’re at it… maybe we should call the desktop wallet ‘zcash-qt’, which fits the precedent from bitcoin.

It has zcashd embedded and is basically the same thing.


Here are my suggestions:

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Zallet ,sounds good
Zaq ,

Z-Ray Wallet

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Thank you everyone for all the great suggestions. I reviewed the top suggestions for domain availability, other products using the name etc…, and the winner is…


It’s close enough to the current name to not be too confusing, incorporates the “ZEC” ticker, and most importantly is copyright/trademark safe :slight_smile:

I will now work on renaming the desktop and android app, and will hopefully release a re-branded version later this week!

Thank you again , everyone!


Thanks for willing to share the rebranding experience with the community!
I’m grateful you’re supported by the foundation ^^


I think Palisade, conceal, zero, lighthouse, zendo

Hi @LinhMino :laughing: welcome to the Forums. The developer on this project decided to change the name to “ZecWallet” , I do kind of like “zendo” though!

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