Help setting clockspeed

Hi all, been a reader here for a while and I was hoping to get a question answered.

I’m using claymore zcash miner, and I was wondering if there was a way to use the program to set the core clock and memory clock of my cards.

For whatever reason, regardless of the settings I put into MSI afterburner, or Radeon settings… when the miner is running my cards always run at stock clocks of 1000mhz core and 1500 mhz memory.

I’m running 2 radeon 7990’s. I have them both undervolted, but I’d like to reduce core clock at least a little bit… The reason for this is to reduce power usage. I’m running this off a 1050 watt power supply and from what I understand that’s kind of pushing the envelope of the power supply. So I’m wondering if there is a way to set the clockspeed in the config file?

I got the first 7990 for free from my brother in law and I picked up the second one for just $200 Canadian dollars a few weeks ago. Each one does 580 sol/s.

I don’t know if you can. I’ve found that the miner will always try and push the cards to their limit. What you can do in msi afterburner is set a power limit on the cards so they will only draw a certain amount of wattage and that will have a similar affect.

I hope I helped!

I thought I heard somewhere that those cards doesn’t like to being underclock, but I could be wrong.
try to use the OC tool from your brand and if that doesn’t work try to underclock them when they aren’t mining (I know have that same problem with my older gtx 960) if that doesn’t work try to update them.