Help wanted designing logos for the Mac port

Hi there graphic designers, we need your help!

@anon47418038 and I are working on preparing an easy-to-install ZCash daemon and UI for OSX. We’re getting close, but there’s an issue with the logos - the gold ZCash logo is copyrighted, and to quote @zooko

“as long it isn’t gonna confuse people that some other coin is Zcash or that your project is an official project of the ZcashCo, it’ll be okay.”

So we need two good looking logos - one for the ZCash daemon and one for the UI (at the moment they need to be separate, it’s not trivial to combine them into one application). Any takers?


Oh I just had a neat idea…the black and white Zcash logo, but with the whitespace filled in with the old-school Apple rainbow colors!

I can work on one for you tomorrow since I have the day off, I’ve got Illustrator and Photoshop.

Give me a few ideas (like @anon47418038) idea of rainbow Background

Size needed (px x px)
Squared or Round (icon only or rounded square)
Shiny button or Flat/Matte

From the horse’s mouth: Designing for macOS - Platforms - Human Interface Guidelines - Design - Apple Developer

That gives a lot of good details, what were you guys thinking in terms of style.

Just make as close to an OSX icon as possible with the Zcash Logo? Use the rounded square? Or just a stylized Z with no square?

I think we can’t use the Zcash logo because it’s trademarked (as @anon47418038 found out). I vote for a stylized Z with or without square. And since @vaklinov hasn’t decided on a name for the UI I say just have a Z and UI on the icon.

Sorry I can’t be of any more help but I’m terrible with visual stuff. I actually got an F in drawing class in high school once :frowning:

don’t know if that is acceptable

yeah I’ve got a Makefile setup to build the bundle for the that makes all the right resolution files from one big png file of the logo

I wanna do the rainbow thing for, I don’t know if you want to do a rainbow theme for the ZUI wallet, too, @zab, or something else

oh I misread, duh, yeah, I’m gonna dance with the devil and push up against the edge of trademark law with Apple and ZcashCo :slight_smile:

naw that prolly is too on the nose for Apples lawyers…I was gonna take this one and in-fill around the ‘Z’ symbol in the middle with the rainbow:

Unfortunately I have no CG experience to put what I have in my head into pixels, but maybe I can describe it. The Z$ symbol blended into an apple color’d (and/or with a stem popping out) pacman head with a bandit mask/ zorro mask to represent the anonymity of the currency.

somewhat like this?

yes!! how big is that, pixel-wise?

1000x1000 72dpi 20char

oh sweet, that’s perfect! unless you have an even higher res one, I’ll just run with that, thanks!

if you got photoshop i can send you the file

yes I have it, that’d be great, thanks! or (same ultimate inbox)

somewhat like this?

lol that’s funny!!!
stupid 20 char minimum