Help wanted:mining ZEC cause burned power cable O.o

Guys help wanted, i dont know if somebody has experience with this, but when i mining ZEC with 6* Inno3d 1070 GTX GPU cards one of my poles at the 5p HDD/SATA (power to 3* risers) cable gets heat and burn away, now in first place i think the power consumption at 3* the GPUs are to much for one cable, but the actual heating is for every 3* GPU`s different…

So now i have ordered 3 times the same cable to divide the power to every 2 GPUs one cable instead of every 3 GPUs one cable

But i am not for 100%b sure if this is the solution, i hope that somebody has the same sort of experience with this:-/

SATA specifications rates the max power draw to 4.5A. Which is 54W usin 12V. When you have 3 GPU risers connected to the same SATA cable, there is a chance that the power draw is more than the specification. PCI-e specifications are rated at 75W, so in theory, one GPU is allowed to draw 75W from the PCI-e slot (i.e. the riser).

One of my own risers uses a “SATA to 6-pin”, but I use two SATA cables connected with a Y-connector to that riser. It might be overkill, but at least I won’t exceed the power specifications. Always be cautious when using SATA-cables to deliver power to risers! Try to use molex or 6-pin directly from the PSU to the riser without any adapters in between.

It is known that 3 risers powered through sata is fire hazard and many many people reported melted cables and what so ever. 2 should be fine and not exceed power draw for fire risk…


Great guys thnx! So reading this there is a big chance this is the solution, the miners where fabricated by a company, but they are not aware of the cause of the problem, so when i received the cables from them and testing it for a while i will inform those guys also about this information :slight_smile:

Late but for sure good news :slight_smile: to overcome the problem with the overkilled SATA-cables was the final solution to connect 2 1070 GTX GPUs to each cable, so 3* cards on one cable overkills but 2* cards on one cable is the stable solution, all miner rigs are done with the same solution and are stable for the date Nov`17 till now :slight_smile:

2 GPU’s risers / SATA cable may be stable but it is NOT safe long term.

As Sprucemoose said: The SATA connector is rated for max 4.5Amp 54Watts. The PCIe 3 specification allows a GPU to draw 75Watts from the PCI slot. Just 1 GPU can draw too much power from a SATA cable. A well built and safe rig with have NO SATA cables anywhere, except the Hard Drive.

Please read the following post:

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I have one GTX 1050TI from MSI,two 1050TI from ASUS.But now i have problem with warm cables,i first connected 6pin to PCIE slot(8 pin) on PSU two power two GPU from ASUS,and one SATA on other PCIE slot on PSU to power one from MSI,do you have some solution for that?Thanks.

@ZC93 thx of the info about the topic, i will read that one as well and share my opinion and expertise/findings in it :slight_smile: @Vaki i think youn have to visit the topic where ZC93 refer to, the outcomes are relativ because its also different with each coin because in my case i had no problems with ETH but wih ZEC, so i think the problems are very relativ in multiple causes:thinking:…and there come`s a point that the only solution is to follow the right specs as ZC93 talks about, to be sure that you are doing the right thing