Help with gtx 1070 sc 8 gb - whats a good setting?

Hi guys

I have a small rig with 4 GTX 1070 SC 8 gb ( micron memory )

Right now I have it on stock settings and get these numbers:

GPU0: 410 sols, GPU1: 432 sols, GPU2: 434 sols and GPU3: 438 sols
Using Zex Miner 0.3.4b and mining on Suprnova with an estimate of 00,47 zec/day.

That´s not alot …

I have tryed to play around with hese numbers:

power: 65%
Core: +5 %
Mem: +450
350 sols/s pr GPU

If I go 60% and +600 the GPUs gets unstable and stops working.

Does anyone have any tips for me please?
Live in a country where power is about 0,38 dollar kwh - so would love to power down and still have a good hashing rate :slight_smile:

and hope for zec getting back to 400 usd again :wink:

my settings:
power: 80%
Core: +100
Mem: +400

put -pec in yout .bat to see your ratio (sol/watt)

miner.exe --server --user YOUR_WORKER_NAME --pass x --port 3346 --pec --api

Thanks alot for your help.

Could get it up to 4,1 sol/w but cutting power - but my overall hashing rate was in the 1580 - 1600 sol/s range.

Have now set it as you wrote and im at 3,70 sol/w and 1750 sol/s on my 4 gpus.
120 w each and 0.097 zec a day.

Not something you get fat off :stuck_out_tongue: That is about 1 gpu paid off each 40 days, with electricity.

But fun and games :smiley:

i have 4 gtx 1070
Power: 100%
And im definitely pushing it at 150w each with 470 sol/s 3.13ish each w150

but i also have 3 1080 ti with it push all together at 4200sol