0 Zcash mined expected?


I've been running a miner for over a day now and my balances are still 0.0000000...is this to be expected? 6 threads, 2.58 Sol/s, many transactions validated.


Dividie 1927011 Sol/s (Network Hashrate) by 2.58 Sol/s

0.00013388610651418183% chance of mining a block now


Very very expected as of now there is 1800000 solve sec


Thanks all...much appreciated


basically, that is solo mining, and with 2.58 sol, you chances listed above, almost wont get any zec, it is better you join a pool mining


It will happen eventually if you let it run. It may take a year or longer, but sooner or later you will hit one. That small chance is for every block. Running stand alone nodes also strengthens the network even if you never hit one.

It would be nice to see transaction fees get divided among all nodes.


yeah...I thought I might get at least a trans fee


where can you find the network hashrate?