Zcash Mining Pools Paying to Private Addresses

A poll on Twitter:

With Sapling activation this coming weekend, Pools should be able to afford the CPU power to pay to private addresses:

Let’s encourage the major pools to start supporting Z-address payouts, this would have a huge impact on the number of daily Private transactions and help Zcash have stronger Privacy for all users.

Vote in the poll and @ them or email your favorite pool to ask for their support. :zcash: :pick: :heart:


I haven’t gotten the impression that wallets/mining pools are scrambling to implement shielded addresses with Sapling. I’d love it if they were, it’d be huge, but they’ve been pretty quiet on the subject.

It’s super important for us as a community to get in touch and let them know that access to z-addr functionality is important to us!

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Agree :100: we need to get the hardware wallets like Ledger, Trezor, software wallets like Jaxx, Coinomi, and major Exchanges on board to have a strong ecosystem. We need to let them know that they will attract users by adding Private address support.


Agreed albeit it’s a better probably to group these into separate categories. Those that are simply paying to z-addrs using zcashd (say mining pools and exchanges) should be the easiest to onboard and get up and running as they will immediately be able to take advantage of the huge performance improvements in Sapling.

The latter likely rightfully require some more time and also resources such as the reference mobile wallet implementation before we can expect anything such as fully functional light mobile clients. Also you can see from this ZIP regarding hardware wallets it isn’t simple plug and play stuff to get this remote proving operational https://github.com/zcash/zcash/issues/3038

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