How do i mine zcash?

Ok nanopool is saying my current hashrate is 236.8 sol/s with my r7 250 and my gtx 760. Idk how accurate that is but we’ll see. I might add an r7 240 to the mix as well and see what that does. Right now I have everything piled into my desktop but it seems like my amd cards are pulling all the work anyway so I may just throw ansystem.together with the r7 250 and 240 and put it in the basement where ambient temperature are about 15° colder.

I’m currently using minergate and every thing looks like it is working but the total mined never goes up. I put in trouble ticket in with minergate but they have not gotten back to me. I’m think of switching to anther pool at least for Zcash. I was not aware that minergate was stealing hashes, how did you find this out?

I’m using a laptop right now it’s my newest PC and has the highest hash rates. I used the profit calculator on minergate to but I’m not getting the project return. Not even close. There calculator works fine the other coins.