How do i mine zcash?

I have been trying to figure out how to mine zcash for a long time. I have 2 windows computers and i cant seem to get anything to work, i follow all the tutorials and all the guides and get nothing and i honestly am lost and starting to give up. This started as a fun project where i wanted to set my laptop and desktop running zcash miners to see how they would do but i cant figure out how to mine. ive tried nicehash claymore, some weird zcash miners litterally everyhting ive seen. i really need help, like really need help. im lost and i dont know what to do at all and everyone ive spoke to on the matter so far has said if you dont know how to do it, its not worth bothering. Im willing to learn and yea i dont no much in this subject but im just looking for something that works and not to be shut out by people because they dont think i have what it takes. please help me. thank you

Please explain on where are you stuck… what have you tried… what’s the error / problem … and what’s the specs of your laptop/desktop ?

thank you for replying so quickly. i started mining zcash at minergate before realizing it was a scam. yay. ive tried nicehash and claymore mainly are the ones ive tried. nice hash i got the farthest with nicehash

this looks likeits working but i never could figure out how to add my pool data so i could get paid. my laptop has an i5 3340m and my desktop has a xeon e3-1220 and a gtx 760

Have you created a wallet for Zcash ? When you Miner starts it will mine the coins to your own Zcash wallet address… Try EWBF Miner on your desktop…

no i am a supernoob. i have been trying to do research but i cant find anything that people can agree on. its like either you are a super elite miner or you dont mine. theres no one between.

i tried installing ewbf miner on my desktop but when i tried to run it i got an error saying that the code execution cannot proceed because cudart64_80.dll was not found. i tried reinstalling and nothing. i can see the cudart64_80.dll file too. its in the same folder as it so i donnt understand why it cant find it. what should i do?

ok i did get the error to go away but i cant get the miner to accept slushpool and i dont know how to set up other pools. this is complicated AF

I don’t agree. Being able to mine can also be as simple as knowing a friend in IT that can show you how and what to do. Reaching out on the forum was your first step to fully understand how to start out and who knows, maybe are next crypto expert? Anywhos:

how are you starting the miner? You should have a bat file to configurate your settings, here is an example. The “–pec” shows your current efficienty in a table in the terminal.

miner --server --user WALLET_ADDRESS.WORKER_NAME --pass x --port 3333 --pec

ANYWAYS, I wouldn’t suggest you mining with your hardware, it’s very poor efficienty and you’ll probably end up spending more in electricity than actual revenue. If you just want to get a grab of the feeling, and mining some coins to understand the mecanism than give it a try!

i got it to load but it wasnt mining. i have a bat file but the it says it uses a seperate file. i put my slushpool info in the other file and now the window flashes open and then closes. I looked it up online and the only thing i got was, if you dont know what this means, you shouldnt be mining. actually electricity here is dirt cheap and i should have a pretty decent profit. before i mined xmr on inergate and that was super easy i installed minergate and mined but then i found out that they were stealing hashes and now im looking for other things but everything is insanely difficult to set up. ive been at this for 3 days taking small sleep breaks. I cant figure this out. Everyone acts like its so easy and im stuck, and nothing works

The best way I found when I started was to go on the pool and follow the instructions… all the pool will have instructions on to set things up and running… I use flypool and it has the mining instructions on the homepage … install jaxx to get a wallet… there is a long topic in the forum which discuss on what wallet to use for mining… follow that topic and make an informed decision… google is your best friend… its always appreciated to get down to research and find a way out… this forum has tons of information covering most of the problem you will encounter… And there are so many experts herr who will jump to help you whenever you have any problems.

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trust me i have tried i think 8 or 9 different pools and their instructions and none have worked except for minergate. I dont know what im doing wrong. i follow every little thing they tell me to do and nothing works. I dont know what to do. its like mining software is just like screw you when it sees me.

also why would i be looking for a wallet if i cant even get themining software itself to even turn on or get that to connect to a pool so i can mine. your like 8 steps ahead of me. i know nothing and everyone things that i know the obvious stuff and i dont know if i do because im missing something because nothing is working. except minergate. but minergate is like the apple of miners

Wrong. First you understand how a wallet works and then how to mine. You are acting like a greedy person willing to make a quick buck with horrible hardware.

I don’t like seeing these words arranged this way.

@gandotratushar +++

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I hope u are not trying on the laptop… your laptop won’t have the right hardware so the Miner is crashing… nice hash should work coz it will use the cpu for mining… try on ur desktop … you have nvidia so it should give you “some” return … Use the Miner for nvidia … and start mining… if it’s crashing . Check the logs… post it here… someone here should be able to help… once the Miner is running and you are getting the hashrate … you can use a profit calculator to understand and predict the returns… the returns will vary based on difficulty level but if you have done your research right you should be able to get something out of it

This is a cuda driver file if i am not wrong… check your drivers… install msi afterburner and fiddle with it… it should be able to help you control the settings to the gpu

im using my desktop lol. let me try completely starting over and see if any of my changes messed something up

i got it to work, until my computer restarted to install windows updates and now its saying 0 sol/s but its listing my pool and my gpu and everything. WTF!!!

edit: after fiddling with msi afterburner i got to work again xD im just glad its working. im mining around 64 sol/s. is that good? i was trying to find calculators online but they are all in h/s

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Benchmarks for the gtx 760 is around 60, so hitting 64 is good.
Here is revenue without eletricity costs:

Sol or hash… same thing

well then im not profitable. when i was mining xmr i got 300 h/s on my gpu vs now my gtx 760 will only do 64 h/s which is barely profit. im throwing together an amd system that should have double the h/s and half the wattage.

i have a pretty good thermal situation because there is always a breeze going through my room so i was able to get a 170 mhz overclock without getting very high thermals. put your hashrate and see which one will be better