How does Old GPU perform Now


I have 2x1070 mining zcash now for avr 950H/s and im thinking about adding some Old AMD Gpu like the 280x 390x 7970 etc…
Can you tell me how they perform now, I did search in the net but found only old topics.

PS: i dont pay electricity.


I tried my old R9 380 2GB, underclock from 980 to 880 core and do 198-204h/s for 110W. But I have luck, because some other old R9 dislike underclock …

but new GPU especialy 1070 are more efficient

yeah that sure the 1070 are more efficient, but relatively expensive, i m doing some maths to buy the OLD AMD cards and mine Zcash as they are not vram size dependent,
but i didnt found new retesting about them to complete my calculations. that s why I ask the community.

Radeon 7870 which I had did 160-170 sols at around 100watt

And there it is again… I dont pay for electricity, well go buy some old asic’s then! or stop ripping your parents / colledge / work off :slight_smile:

I don’t pay the electricity don’t means I m ripping someone ,in my country its very cheap and already included in my rent, then keep this discussion useful please.

fine, then why would you not get an old asic unit and use that instead?
Also you say you are not ripping anyone off but as its included in your rent, Well duh, that means you are ripping off your landlord, who has calculated your rent based on a fair use of power. mining especially with old non efficient equipment would hardly be fair use.

my god, you again?, If you can t help i would like thank you but keep your judgement for you, the owner if ok with what i’m doing, please stay in the topic

I have one 280x and is doing 250 sol/s, just -20 power limit, core clock 830, memory clock 1400.

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thx for sharing, can you tell me how it perform if pushed with some OC? and what power need is?

I have a couple older gpus. My r7 250 does about 60 sol/s and my.r7 240 does 15 sol/s. Also my gtx 760 does about 65-68 sol/s. I’m curious if anyone’s tried the older cards like Radeon hd 5870 and such.

I hope I helped!

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My 7970s and 280xs do ~300 sols at 1030/1500 with claymore’s

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