Are amd or Nvidia cards better for mining zcash?

I was looking at some used.amd and Nvidia cards and from what I’ve seen it looks like amd is the best for mining or Pascal Nvidia gpus. I have found a couple Radeon hd 5770 and 7770 used for really cheap and wondered what the hash rate of them was? Also is there a website that tells you the hashrate for all gpus on zcash? Thank you!

nVidia’s Pascal cards are definitely better for Zcash mining than AMD.

I have a 7950 mining at aroun 260 Sol/s. I would imagine your 5770 and 7770 would probably fall pretty close to the non-profitable zone.

Here’s a comparison site:
Some of them might be slightly outdated.

true, but i wonder what the hash rate of them is? is it better or worse than the r7 250?

Well you’d be lucky to have either of them break 200 Sol/s I would imagine. Then you have to factor in that they use significant power. The only reason I even run my 7950 is because I have other cards that use much less power and I can average it out overall. If it wasn’t for that, I’d have retired it by now.

I might be able to get the card for really cheap/ free though. And it’s not bad of a profit ratio in it’s lowest performing state right?

Zcash difficulty is going up and it’s value is moving very slowly. So yeah, it’s a bad profit ratio. What is your electricity pricing? You also used 150 Kh/s when it’s not. It’s 150 H/s. Like, you’re looking at less than $5/month profit. If you even reach that.

i guess. i mean it would be a free gpu though that im throwing in and i didnt do kh/s no it does have a 109% profit ratio. ill keep looking for gpu’s im making a profit running my r7 250 and my gtx 760 for mining right now so im not someone with 1080ti’s

I don’t have any 1080 Ti’s either. But if I didn’t have my 3 1070’s and 2 RX 570’s, I certainly wouldn’t be looking at mining Zcash.

The hardware might be free but the cost to run said hardware is not. Even those who say they have free electricity actually don’t. It’s just that someone else is paying for it. If you’re paying for electricity, I wouldn’t even bother with either of those cards. That $5/month I quoted is IF you can get it to pull 150 Sol/s at least and at $0.10 KW/h which is on the lower side. If you pay more than that in electricity your profit goes right out the window with even the slightest bump.

You came here looking for information and it’s been provided. I’m sure it wasn’t what you wanted to hear, but it is what it is. If you want to give it a go, by all means. I’m just keeping it realistic :slight_smile:

alright. my eldctricity is 8 cents a kilowatt. i also found the radeon hd 7850. more powerful and a 60 watt lower tdp. is it worth it? sorry im asking so many questions. im a big noob.

the numbers say $26 a month with electricity included

Don’t apologize :slight_smile: You learn by asking. You just have to be willing to accept the answers you don’t want to hear too, that’s all I was getting at.

That’s much better yes. But just beware that you’re literally on the tail end of the profit line still. Any fluctuation in the wrong direction can quickly turn that into no profit or extremely low.

People have differing opinions on profit (obviously). To me, if I walk away with enough to buy a coffee one day, that’s not profit. If I can walk away with a dinner with movie out every month, that’s profit. If I can walk away with a car payment or a full mortgage payment…I’ve won the lottery :wink:

I’m just playing around xD is the Radeon hd 6970 also not profitable or is it close to the hd 7850?

The reason I’m asking is in Bitcoin mining its quadrouple the performance as the 5770 from.earlier but idk if that translates over to zcash.

As mining does not need so high-end knowledge, a lot of people can do it. Most of them do not count in some special situations, such as difficulty rises up, hardware faulty, burnt, opportunity cost when you spend so much time checking the status of your mining rigs. Unless setting up a professional mining farm, individual mining does not make so much profit as it was predicted.

I mine with a gtx 760 and an r7 250. Still make about $20 a month but it’s just fun money for hardware that I’m not using. Would a Radeon hd 6970 or a 7850 be better for mining and about what hashrate would I get with them

Go to

Put in the type of card you have. It’ll tell you the hashrates for many algorithms. It will even tell you power usage. Older cards have rubbish power usage. Even at 8 cents per kilowatt.

If your card isn’t listed then it’s probably too old to be useful.

There’s 7 cards listed lol. My mining setup isn’t on there at all and I’m making a decent amount.