How does zcash master version check the genesis equihash solution?

In version v0.11.2.z9, I noticed that in function CheckEquihashSolution, validation of equihash solution of genesis block is left out, but it’s validated in master version. So I want to know why this change is made, is it related to the fact cicular dependency between nSolution and block hash through nNonce is conquered ?
Or how to find a genesis nNonce that make condition block.hash <= hashTarget succeeded and nSolution satisfies requirements ?

This was simply a bug in v0.11.2.z9, fixed in v1.0.0beta1:

There was never any problem with verifying the Equihash solution of the genesis block; some debugging code had been accidentally committed in .

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Thanks for you reply, daira.
How did you generate genesis block ?
I tried and failed…Can you give me any link for genesis mining ? Thx again.