Question about mining and workers

Initially I installed zcash application the instructions on zcash, where I created my t_address and then z_address, etc etc. The wallet location is in ~/.zcash/. Then I decided to join a pool, nicehash, I followed their instruction and I am up and running, I haven’t got a payout yet but I have something in the confirmed column. My question is, @ payout time, how does it know where my wallet is? I had to provide t_address when executing the command to start mining. Does it know that the default location is ~/.zcash/wallet.dat ? Will I see the size of this file change upon payout? Thanks in advance.

By defining the Taddress you are basically stating “hey this is my mining wallet, please send anything I earn here”

You can check your Taddress here (put your address in the top right corner)

or ~/zcash/./src/zcash-cli listunspent

I get a ‘page not found’, when I search with my T address.

That means no ZEC has hit the wallet yet

Where is the wallet? I thought I had the wallet on my machine since I generated the T_address. I generated the T_Address even before installing nicehash and joining the mining pool. So, I’m back to my original question, if there is payout for my T_address, where is zcash going to?? Which wallet? if mine, how?

Pools have automatic payments, they count your shares (with the taddress you use in the command line) and send you the ZEC when you hit the minimal threshold or daily/hourly depending on the pool.

As soon as they send it there it will be visible on the blockexplorer.

Cool, thanks. Another dumb follow up question, I am running my mining s/w (nicehash), I should also be running my zcashd daemon, right? zcashd also does mining but it has no chance against the pools running.

Nicehash miner doesn’t need zcashd, it’s a standalone miner.

Without running zcashd, I can’t run commands like zcash-cli listunspent etc etc.

Nicehash miner is for mining
Zcashd is for using your ZEC when you get them.