How fast is actually MSI GTX 1080 TI Founders?

does the power from the riser go straight to the PSU as well?

Hi Root
I have rig with 4 asus gtx 1080 ti cards
How do i config via msi afterburner
Please advise
Thank you so much

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I’m doing 780 with:
90% power
+90 core
+600 mem
80% fan fixed

I have a liquid cooling (Inno3d 1080 ti black 11g) and the cards are 55 degrees stable.
I did manage to keep 810 stable for few hours at 65 degrees but it crash and need restart, so doesn’t worth it.

Hey mate, you need to try error or find someone with exactly the same setup than yours, even then, the ambient may vary few points in your setup. Decide a power (75% to 90%) then move the core +10 then +10 till crash, you will know the limit, set it about 10 or 20 below the limit, then move the memory +50 then +50 till crash and set 50 below the limit. From then, check the temperature and hash and start to drop the numbers till get a good ratio. good luck.