EWBF Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti miner dev fees?

I have been testing a GTX 1080 Ti Nvidia GPU with the EWBF 0.3.3b Miner. Testing in Windows but plan to switch to Ubuntu if I build a rig with this GPU. However, I am noticing that the Flypool reported hash rate rarely passes 650 Sol/s, while the miner reports 740 Sol/S for the card (had it up to 780 but not worth the watts). Flypool seems to range from mid 500 to low 700 at best. This seems odd as Optiminer and Claymore are always spot on with their reported numbers, even a bit under. Anyone else see this? Seems to indicate the dev is not disclosing an accurate fee, but I don’t want to jump to conclusions.

I am all for dev fees, more than happy to pay Optiminer and Claymore.

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I noticed the same with EWBF cuda miner.

I’m still testing this out…

Pools calculate hashrate based on submitted shares.
This is normal. If your card has “luck” it will find more shared in one round and the pool may even say 1000sol/s .

And it takes at least 24 hours to become more accurate.