How save are SATA powered risers? Can I still use them for mining?

I bought 6 SATA powered risers and I’ve heard concerns about how it can overdraw etc. I have gtx 1060s, is it OK? I heard that only AMD cards have that issue anyway.

this video will explain it.

the funny thing is a couple weeks later he makes a video where one of those bad connectors catches fire and the good onces not

Hey there, thanks for the video and the reply. However the video talks about spotting molex/sata converters. I was talking more about version 007 risers, which are powered by SATA, not molex. Are they relatively safe to use?

use PCIE to supply power to it, it is safe.
don’t use supply from PSU SATA port…

i had concerns too but after some googling i found that moles and sata basically delivers the same amount of power just in a different from factor. so im assuming its safe. dont take my word for it tho as the one i bought from aliexpress is still in transit :anger:

Can you elaborate? Are you saying I should plug the sata cables into the ‘perif’ port on my modular psu?

being told should plug to PSU VGA / PCIE port…

Perif = SATA port…

below information copy from some experience miner reply…

Here’s where you may run into trouble:
A 6 Pin GPU power can provide 75w to the card.
An 8 pin can provide 150w to the card

Any additional power your card may be taking comes from the motherboard (or riser).

SATA adapters can deliver 22-60w (Depending on what rail it’s connected to)
Molex adapters can deliver 14-54w (Depending on what rail it’s connected to)

So, if your card is pulling 150w, and it has a 6 pin connector, it’s going to be pulling the rest of the 75w from the riser. If it’s not properly powered, you riser cables will burn out.

If you’re running properly undervolted and your cards are pulling less than 100w, then it shouldn’t be a problem.;u=113074;sa=showPosts

Burning PSU cable discuss… (SATA to Riser)

enjoy below melted burning SATA molex to riser cable photo…

If you need more information.

I don’t think Nvidia cards pull as much from the PCIE socket as AMD cards do, particularly the RX480 (which IIRC, had a design flaw). I’ve not yet had any issues with Periph->SATA using 007s and GTX 1070/1060 cards. I regularly check the connectors and wires for heating. YMMV.

Are you using one of those version 007 risers with SATA power?

If so, what card are you using?

I mean, even if I use gtx 1060, on peak, it’ll need around 140w - if Sata only provides 54w and PCIe provides 75w, that means the riser is underpowered, no?

As mentioned, they’re 007 risers and GTX 1070/1060 cards. PCIE provides more than 75w, depending on how many sockets you have (1x6, 1x6+1x8, 2x8). Of note, I don’t push the cards very hard, lowering TDP to 115w which ensures I get a high rate of 3.8+ sols/watt. You really don’t need to be pushing the cards much higher than that as you’re basically just heating the room…

Can you tell me your settings and your sols/s for your gtx 1060?

300+ sol/s with EWBF miner on Linux using:

Power limit: 115w
CLOCK=125 offset
MEM=1250 offset