PCI-E Risers, rellay Dangerous?

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i hear that PCI-E Usb Risers are a fire Hazard? i got the on with Molex Connecter to SATA power…
Runnen GTX 970’s … is this really that dangerous? what do you guys prefer better?

Yes! not suggest use SATA power from PSU
should use PCIE to give power to your riser if you are using high end card as pro duo, gtx1080ti…

but i am using 970’s… still an issue?

now running for 2 weeks they are not hot or anything…

many SATA molex to riser cable burn and melt report…
use power from PCIE not from SATA… problem solved.



do not use the molex to sata cables that come with molex risers. Use direct sata risers or direct molex risers.

if your going to use sata use these:

in those discussion have detail discuss about voltage consumption issue.
SATA cable from PSU is not enough supply power to high end card via riser.
it will make the 12V yellow cable hot, if cable is not 18AWG, it will melt and burn.
avoid melt and burn, should use power from PCIE plug on PSU instead of SATA.

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I am using Version 007 which has the SATA input. So far so good? No problems. Will let you know if anything happens to them.

What cards are you running on the sata risers? I plan on running GTX 1080Ti’s.

I am using AORUS Xtreme 1080Ti’s, So you’re all good! I should mention though that you can only use on riser per SATA rail (cable). I tried putting two risers on one SATA cable since the cable had 4 SATA ports. The card did not run. So now I am stuck with one card doing nothing :sweat_smile: I have to buy a new power supply so I can get another cable or I have to just buy another cable.

Haha yer that would be annoying. I’m waiting on 3x HX1000’s so I should have plenty of sata cables :slight_smile:

If you run into trouble with that PSU click here

Using molex should be fine right? I have 1 cord plugged into 2 risers for my 1080 TIs.