SATA/ Molex Risers?

So which risers should I use if I want to run a 6-7 GPU rig with rx570s?
I keep seeing that the Sata/Molex risers tend to burn because they are not designed to deliver a high power.

I’ve used these style for several rigs with RX480s and not had any problems - but these are not molex ones!

Here are the ones I have:

I was thinking of removing the Sata/molex cable from the riser and connect PSU to Molex directly and power the GPUs


Use these…

I haven’t seen those risers before, I’ll have to do some research

Here is some more info about how to spot dangerous ones: How To Spot Molex To SATA Adapters That Won't Catch Fire - YouTube

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Those are the ones I have, the bad ones. I’ll power the risers directly from the PSU

I’m building my first rig and have bought similar risers, I have a 1200w evga psu. I don’t want to use the 6 pin to sata wire supplied. How do I go about connecting the riser directly to the psu. I would like to run 2 risers per wire. I will be running six cards

Hi…in my case SATA connector is OK up to about 3Amps.Here 470 pulled about 5.5Amps from it and it overheated.Never feed riser 12V from SATA connector.We can only use 5V from it as seen on my photo, because the cards pulls only 0.1A from 5V.

I have seen the riser cards with 6 pin connectors and as well as SATA connectors ending with 6 pin PCIE. Doe it mean, I can use a 12V HP Server power supply which doesn’t have 5V output to power the riser card?