Risers power supply-sata?

I am building the below setup and trying to find safe way to power risers due to limited cable options remaining on psu

EVGA 1200P2 PSU (6 vga slots)
GPU set = Qty 4 x 1070 Ti FTW2-THESE ARE 8+8 on the card’s!!!
Plan to limit GPU power target to around 70%
2 psu pcie cables are 6pn+8(6+2) so I can power 2 risers off those
4 pcie cables are straight 8 to 8 or 8-6+2
All the vga slots are full and I got 2 risers left to power???
8+8 on the card seems overkill assume I still need to connect them all up
Safe to draw from sata for the other 2 riser pcie 6 pin power???


Are you talking about powering the risers or the GPU?

you’re all over the place in your questions and descriptions

OK, yeah that’s true. psu has 6 vga outlets. Each card is a 8+8 plus a riser. Is it safe to use a single SATA for a riser power if the card has 2 8 pins attached and I am underpowering the cards? Cards are EVGA1070 Ti FTW2

You have to power the riser or it will not work, no matter what the power needs of the GPU.
Also if the question mark after under powering the cards is a reference that you don’t understand what I am asking, please do more research before you put this into operation.

I was thinking the riser needs power too, hence the power connector. The question is whether SATA single from psu to riser is safe. The point on underpowering the card was that it may make a non-recommended sata power to riser safer under lower wattage. My research is clear, but the question isn’t answered. If you can answer the actual question, go for it. I will post my question elsewhere.

I am confused as to how else would you power the sata riser?

6 pin pci-e is proper way to power pci-e riser for GPU card, but 1 even large PSU doesn’t have enough vga cable outlets to accomodate 6 pin riser power conx and also card input power in excess of 2 cards. A 1200W psu limited to 2 graphics cards is silly. Sata or molex to power pci-e riser free up some vga outlets on the psu but are controversial and can be unsafe, hence the question. I solved the problem in the end. Thanks for your advice and interest to help.

I had been reading about this as well. I didn’t now it was with molex to 6-pin adapters too though :scream: .

What did you end up doing to solve your issue? I am in the same boat at the end of this month.