How to access Zcash in Nigeria, the most populous black nation in the world

My name is Tinu from Nigeria. I’m not so technically savvy but I’ll be happy to learn. I want to know how i can mine/buy Zcash in Nigeria as well and would like to introduce it in Nigeria once launched on October 28; kindly assist with a response, thank you

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Zcash is borderless, you can mine like anyone else. For purchasing that depends on the exchange, if you have BTC buying is not a problem.

Thank you very much…how can I mine? What’s the cost of the software?. If I want to buy with Bitcoin, how do I identify a genuine miner? Is there a regulatory platform that monitors fair play?

Hello! I would love to see Zcash adopted in Nigeria, and other parts of Africa, where safe, decentralized, borderless money could be very valuable. Have you checked whether there are Bitcoin exchanges in your country or that you can use? Maybe those Bitcoin exchanges will add support for Zcash.

Here are a few tweeps who write about cryptocurrencies and Africa:

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hey :smile_cat:
ZECs are mined with either the cpu or gpu on a 64bit able intel/amd.
If serious and have some finances to spare, worth while to look into setting up a dedicated rig; as this topic is verbose, see Mining - Zcash Community Forum for ideas.

Depending on platform there are a dozen different available miners currently available, yet only a few which are trusted.
If you’re coming at this from a Linux angle and want to try mining for the first time on some of your own boxes, you should definitely look at the standalone miner (GitHub - str4d/zcash at standalone-miner) from @str4d for solo + pool mining and @sarath-hotspot’s fork of the nheqminer GitHub - sarath-hotspot/nheqminer: Equihash miner for NiceHash for pool mining which has some additional optimizations to reach a higher Sol/s but will require your cpu to support the avx extension if you want to use the xenoncat solver instead of the default tromp.
Oh and before forget, you may want to join one of the recommended pools such as coinmine - Pool Closed, suprnova - if you want to stand any chance of mining any ZEC

right. so a nigerian would come here of all places, seeing as all of those lucrative industries you mentioned are no longer prosperous and thriving, and somehow it really makes so much more sense for them to dedicate themselves to an area in which they have no clue about/may not even have a future/generally risky waters, even though the old methods still gets the job done?

Um yeah… if they can get their phishing attacks and other money schemes laundered through zcash it’s untraceable.

Evidently you can’t put 2 and 2 together … smh.

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lmao, oh you’re one of those suckers who hears the word untraceable and believes it as the gospel?
what about military grade encryption, you think that’s a thing also?

you call that trolling? fsck, the derp is strong with thou :_;

@swminer26: we practice the principle of charity here – we interpret people’s intent in the most positive way that makes sense. We also practice fairness and non-discrimination – we don’t generalize about people based on their nationality, color, creed, etc.

I assume you didn’t intend to do such things, but this serves as a warning, and if it happens again you’ll be banned from this forum.

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