How to check mining hashrate with Zcash built-in miner

I use getmininginfo but can’t find my hashrate:

“blocks” : 3583,
“currentblocksize” : 1000,
“currentblocktx” : 0,
“difficulty” : 57.16393957,
“errors” : “WARNING: check your network connection, 0 blocks received in the last 4 hours (96 expected)”,
“genproclimit” : 8,
“networkhashps” : 5,
“pooledtx” : 0,
“testnet” : true,
“chain” : “test”,
“generate” : true

Use this to get your sol/s:

$ ./src/zcash-cli zcbenchmark solveequihash 10

Sum your results and divide by 10.

“10” can be any number, the larger the number, the more accurate it’s going to be obviously.

time ~/zcash/src/zcash-cli zcbenchmark solveequihash 20

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Thanks. I will try it.

Always divide by the number you ask for, so 20, divide by 20, 10 divide by 10 etc.

What’s the formula for turning sols into H/s?

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Sol/s = H/s

Of what has been going around

I saw Toomin give a lower number for H/s than Sol/s when measuring a R9 290’s hash rate. That’s why I asked.
Also - that would mean my 4 year old Toshiba Satellite is doing 45 H/s on CPU mining. While I would love if it was true, it can’t possibly be.

You need to divide 10 by your result; not the other way around.

45 seconds /= 45 h/s

If you took 45 seconds to find 10 solutions, that means 10/45 = 0.22 Sol/s, which sounds about right for a laptop.

I added up all 10 numbers and divided by 10 for the 45.

That gives you the average… to find just one solution? In that case, your CPU is even slower than I thought, ten times slower: 0.022 Sol/s. The internal miner is extremely slow, but fortunately a huge improvement is on the way, integrating Tromp’s optimized solver. You need a CPU with AVX for that though, which isn’t found on Celerons and Pentiums. Which CPU does your Toshiba Satellite have?

This is my result on I7 4930k, all the figures add up to 403, so my hashrate is 10/403 = 0.024?
“runningtime” : 65.89683200
“runningtime” : 42.93129200
“runningtime” : 70.86825500
“runningtime” : 14.98966400
“runningtime” : 54.19968700
“runningtime” : 29.07775600
“runningtime” : 28.81616900
“runningtime” : 55.90755100
“runningtime” : 28.60416400
“runningtime” : 15.51259800

Yes, but I bet your i7 can do 15-20 Sol/s if you try it again with the latest version of Zcash and enable the Tromp solver. The improvements will not show up on that benchmarking function, but mining will be super fast.

If you’re on RC2, the most accurate way is to run the miner and wait. The metrics screen shows a running average (total solutions found since start / time since start), that will get more accurate as you go.

Do you have any info on how to get all this done please?

Also when you say i7, any i7 or high end?

I have a i7 4770k 3,5 Ghz doing 7.2 sol/s on a VM with 6 threads.

I have similar results but there is someone claiming to get around 20 sol/s with the same i7.

Will this be released to the public?

Have you tried running it on just 1 core? whats the performance? As I understand it wouldn’t double your hashrate if you add more cores to it as there would be bottlenecks.