Sol/s vs. miningresults

I’ve more or less mined since start apart from some instability issues in the beginning. I gradually increased hashing power (started with about 70sols and now getting about 140sols (currently 3 cpu and 5 amd RX gpu).

So far I’ve mined about 0.025 ZEC.

Does this sound reasonable so far to you guys? Been mining with nheqminer towards suprnova.

Anyone experiencing other results with other miners or miningpools?

Anyone care to explain sol/s vs. I/s and h/s ?

It’s 'cause of the low block rewards during the “slow start” of Zcash, if the block rewards were full 12.5 ZEC, you’d be getting 0.3 ZEC a day mining, at least that’s how I figure it.

Whats your mining results so far? =)

cmon guys… nobody??

last 6hrs…380 sol/s = 0.01031 zec

what pool are you using?

thanks bro that matches quite well with what i’ve been getting. What miner are you using?

what are your results so far?

Explanation between I/s and Sols/s would be very nice.

Currently running FX-8350 with GTX 970 and getting average of 21.5 I/s and 41 Sols/s

When I added GTX 750Ti - I’m getting average 2500 I/s and 37 Sols/s

So massive improvement in I/s but loosing Sols/s (hashrate). So am I better off running just on GTX 970 alone?

so far mined: 0.0068 (give or take 24h)

when block amoujt going up ?

Block amount inrease with every new block.