GPU without display ports

Hello, i bought a mining rig this week. This rig has gpus without display ports on them ( No HDMI nor DVI). How can i get a miner installed without a means to hook up to a monitor??
The rig supplier is not being very helpful.

Hi! Welcome to mining.

Generally you use your motherboard’s DVI/HDMI. The GPU cards should be connected with pci-e risers (1x). If you bought a rig that someone else built, that’s how it’s probably setup.

Who is the rig supplier? Did they give any instructions?

Unfortunately these rigs are usually way overpriced (due to mining hype). If you add pictures of your setup I might be able to help more.

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Thanks very much. Unfortunately i don’t have good pictures right now. Plus am away from home.

Okay, you’ll need to plug in the GPUs before you turn the system on. The motherboard will have a connection for the display.

I can’t tell how many watts your PSU is and how many 8+6pin VGA connectors you have.

This is your motherboard:

Display is second from the top left on the board. I’m guessing this is Linux?

It should be setup with drivers for the most part. You’ll need to find out how to use terminal to update and upgrade linux drivers to the latest version (not hard, google it).

You’ll then need to download ewbf miner and configure it with your address (readme file in the download).

I’m guessing this is what you bought:

In this case you connect it to the internet and use SimpleMining.

Thanks a bunch. It’s a Windows computer. PSU and comnections are good. I wasn’t just sure about the display port.
Very much appreciated

Wow… That’s the company i bought it from. I was thinking of switching to Ether + DCR dual mining .
How would that perform? My GPUs are RX 470s 8GB.

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AMD is generally better for ETH but it depends.