How to File Taxes for Mining Zcash

I mined Zcash for a short period of time during 2018 and cannot seem to figure out how to pull the CSV files for accounting purposes. CryptoTax software does not have any ability/option to link ZCash wallets/exchange accounts.

Main questions are:

  1. How do I pull the CSV file that contains all my ZCash mining rewards (they came in tiny increments ad it is not feasible to download each transaction)?
  2. What is the simplest way to handle the tracking of ZCash for tax/accounting purposes?

I have given it my best shot with personal online googling and have failed to find answers to the above questions. I hope to god that one of you is a better detective than myself haha

When I was doing my taxes I used to import my trades from exchanges as a CSV file and calculate my profit/loss statement.

As far as mining goes, I went to Yahoo finance and downloaded the entire price history of Zcash for the year and any day I had a payout I had to check what the market value was of that payment when it was paid out. That way you can calculate how much you earned and submit it on your form.

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Hi Shawn,

Thank you for the information. When mining, I received payout in increments of 0.01 to my cold storage wallet (ledger nano). I can find the public address but I’m not able to find a place to pull the CSV from there.

Basically my dilemma is:
-I have around 20,000 transactions of payments to the ledger. I can see these transactions on the ZCash public block explorer but I cannot get those into a CSV.
-Filing would also require time-stamping 20,000 transactions
^I’m thinking about assigning a price to all the ZCash I mine on a particular day. With this method I would still need to have the transactions in a CSV and sort by day.

If anyone out there has a better method than what I just layed out, I will be forever grateful. I think I’ve started sprouting grey hairs from the stress of filing taxes for Zcash.

I wrote a nice long Thread about it, the main issue you’re going to be looking at is the quantity of the time stamps because currently that is how it is done, there was a recent Coin Center paper that described to Congress the detriment of these things

I wish I was better at programming because you can spin up a script that can just take all of your CVS data (well if you could get it) and reference it across historical prices, simple multiplication function and then return the result
If you have the private keys to all of the wallets that you ever mined to, imported those to a single dat file and reindexed, it should give a condensed history of them all

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Thank you for your reply. I can probably find someone who can create the script. I will try to pull the data from the wallets and see if I can get this figured out.

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