Where does the mined ZEC go?

Ok people, i have a burning question regarding mining.

I have fiddeled with mining in beta. And now i am mining on the live version of the ZCASH.
So, in my terminal, i see the : number of validated transactions, my contribution to the network, and number of completed equihash solver runs.

But, excuse my language, where the fuck is my coin ?
Where can i see the amount of coin i own ?

What miner are you using?

Most of the times you make a wallet and you mine into your wallet.

I am not sure, i am runing a zcash node, and am running 4 mining threads.

The miner is the default miner i guess, you know i followed the mining guide and that is it.

You’re probably mining into someone else’s wallet (the dev who released the miner)

Well, how can i mine into my wallet ??

I would suggest making an poloniex account. And mine your zecs on to poloniex. You can trade it for bitcoins asap as long as the price is boiling.

And download a miner on this forum and use a pool. If you just followed some instructions blindly you might be mining to somebodys address or maybe not. But if you dont know where your zec is i would go with the easy route.

Make a poloniex wallet.
Find a pool
Donwload a gpu/cpu miner


Learn. Read a lot. It’s all on here. Have fun (!)

I just don’t think you earned something yet. So there is no information about it.

Keep reading. You’ll figure it out. Start with the mining threads, nice hash is almost idiot proof but you still gotta learn to make a .bat file, get a polo account, insert your address, etc.

I am in the same boat as you… Did you find the answer? I though the default zcash client install as per the instructions creates a wallet for you?

You probably don’t own any. Mining a block while solo mining would be like winning the lotto at the moment because there are so many well-equipped miners competing for each block. It sounds from your first post as though you are mining while using zcashd with gen=1 in the zcash.conf file. If that’s true, there are two commands you may find useful in case you strike oil.

./src/zcash-cli getinfo

./src/zcash-cli ./src/zcash-cli listreceivedbyaddress 0 true

The first gives you a lot of info, and one of the lines there is ‘balance’. Balance of what? I’m not sure myself, having not personally struck oil, maybe that’s the immature balance I’ve read about that’s not ready to be spent yet? The second command shows all your transparent addresses. As far as I understand the zcash miner creates a new transparent address for each block you mine, so surely it would be listed there and each address does show it’s own ‘amount’.

But unless you’re running a GPU farm, you’ll need to join a pool to see some ZEC any time soon. Good luck :thumbsup: And if you learn more specifics than I know about the topic, please do update your post so others can benefit from your learning.

Thanks for taking the time to respond :slight_smile:
Here is a screenshot of my machine, i take it it’s not doing much right?

You’re welcome. First, I’m a beginner myself so don’t put too much stock into what I say, and second, it’s all relative (if your electricity is free from a solar panel and you don’t need the machine for anything, might as well use any amount for this), but no, you’re not doing much relative to the overall number of sols/s. See: https://explorer.zcha.in/ where everyone combined is putting in 2.3 million sols/s.

I’ve seen individuals talking about generating anywhere from 20 to I dunno, maybe 50 sol/s from single high powered machines, and the people who aren’t talking have farms of computers to do this stuff and might have hundreds to tens of thousands of sol/s working for them.

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