(Unofficial) Guide to Zcash Solo Mining

Hi everyone. I noticed that there are a lot of people in this forum that are interested in mining zcash. If you are new to mining and aren’t sure where to start, I put together a guide for you.

https://github.com/Austin-Williams/ZCASH-MINING-N00BS/wiki/Zcash-Mining-Guide-(Unofficial) <— Old One [Broken]

https://github.com/Austin-Williams/zcash-guides/wiki/Guide-to-Solo-Mining-Zcash <— New One [Works]

These are the basics of solo mining (with the native zcash miner) as I’ve come to understand them by floundering around with the software for a while.

I hope you find it useful.


This was very helpful. Thank you. I keep getting stuck at 'Running' section. By adding 'nano' to the command line, it allowed me to move forward.

Thanks again.

Nice job @Austin-Williams ! :grin:

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Wanted to see if someone could clarify about the wallet and address(es) here. I have tried creating a wallet and even new address. However, with the sources provided, I am not having any luck. Any suggestions?

I am currently mining and according to the 'listtransaction', I have several addresses. Do we get a new address for each block that we mine? How do I consolidate those to a single wallet?

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The wallet is generated automatically by the client. The client is configured to use a new address for each block that it mines, so that is likely what you see when running listtransaction. You can find your wallet file in "~/.zcash/testnet3/wallet.dat"

If you want to move them all to single address, you can use the "sendtoaddress" command. You can learn more about it here: https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Original_Bitcoin_client/API_calls_list (This is the command list for bitcoin core, but since Zcash is derived from Bitcoin core, almost all the commands work).

Good luck!


It is stating "Permission denied" when I put in "~/.zcash/testnet3/wallet.dat".

If you're entering that at a linux command line, you'll need to specify a command first...

I just noticed that file isn't stored as ASCII text...

Assuming your linux terminal is in the zcash directory, the specific zcash commands you might like to try are:

./src/zcash-cli listaccounts


./src/zcash-cli getaccountaddress ""

yes...using linux. And I am a first time user, specifically used it to start mining zcash.

I entered:
root@rig1-desktop:/# ~/.zcash/testnet3/wallet

and this is returned:
bash: /home/rig1/.zcash/testnet3/wallet.dat: Permission denied

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The linux terminal is for running programs and scripts (simply put: lists of program names) - usually ones that are specifically designed for the simple, text based input and output the terminal is limited to. What you're entering is not the name of a program, it's a data file.

As an aside, good job taking the time to install linux. After you get past the learning curve, I bet you'll come to love it. :slight_smile:


I just wanted to say a massive thanks for putting this guide together, was smooth and easy to follow and I'm up and running mining on the testnet.

Will send you some btc as a 'token' of my appreciation when I get a chance.

Thanks a million Austin, truly appreciated!


Hi guys, i created a Docker image since this is the easiest option for me to do lots of (automated) testing in a short amount of time.

Be up and mining testnet in no time!

The sources are here:

Get it while its hot and have fun!


Pardon my newbness but... Are Docker files linux-only or can they be prepared for OS X as well? I ask because I had a total fail trying to follow the directions to compile on a friends iMac...


For solo mining, what version of Ubuntu do you recommend?


I use Ubuntu Server 14.04 personally.

Is it normal to have only 1 connection, or is this an issue with docker?

You have to open some ports to be able to connect to other peers.

I know you're using docker rather than AWS but if you check the 'how to
mine on AWS' how-to documentation it lists which ports need to be opened.

I'd link to it here but I'm on mobile.

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really good job thanks alot

I have had good luck with RHEL 7.2

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