How to mine Zcash

Is it for linux only ?
I cant find window version of it

Yes, currently only linux

Hi ThomasRScott,

I’m also a mac user looking to do the same thing. I’m pretty sure I can install Debian without any trouble, but was just wondering if you used and could recommend any install guides for zcashd, and how that relates to the bitcoin.conf file?

On another note, can anyone explain why it uses a bitcoin.conf file? Is this standard practice, or will it use it’s own .conf file when the mainnet is up?


You might like to check out these links:

The naming issue is due to Zcash starting as a fork of the Bitcoin Core source.

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bitcoin.conf was renamed to zcash.conf in the z3 release (the current release is z8).


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I am not tech savvy but want a way to acquire zcash early on. I have 40 M/h ASIC scrypt miner and from what I understand (almost none) I wont be able to mine this coin at launch. Is the only way to mine with gpu and I assume only solo mine from for a couple days till pools start. What kind of exchanges are planned? I think this coin will have a very high valuation that will outpace reward distribution.

Currently, the public Zcash miner is CPU only. A GPU miner and pool mining are not available yet - at least not publicly.

hmmm, what does this mean? it means the coin i can mine easily ,doesnt it?

Sure. That is, if you can go back in time to February.

Should be able to run within 1GB, no? As long as there’s 700MB(?) at least per core? Or am I getting mixed up? chrs

Once compiled, Zcash should be able to run within 4GB.

To run a Zcash node it takes less than 100MB. If you want to mine you need a minimum of 700MB per mining core.
When you want to create a Joinsplit/protected coins operation I believe you will need about 4GB free RAM for the process.


It seems the real rig mining configuration is not really known now,
GPU or CPU with specific capacity under Equihash is really a big question (for me) after the actual ZCash launching later in Oct.

I am just wondering that the objective of digital money is actually to distribute and avoide super power of one only object (to avoid financial-power-abuse).
It is funny to trace back some threads that at the end that mining (digital money) is actually centralized (and possible to be abused under 51% something vote or other bla bla bla):

It is probably home-miner only possible to mine ByteCoin or perhaps NXT (or Ether - this ll be POS soon) now under standard home-gadget stuffs/PC.

How to (greedy) mine the ZCash whether specific GPU or CPU? I ll take it anyway.

Cheers up, let s get some ZCash,
let’s see the most powerful miner/coin owner later (within next 2 or 7 years).

I very much disagree. Handing the majority of hash power to botnet operators is vastly worse than handing it to ASIC owners.


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To ensure success of a medium as a value carrier. Would you rather hand it for free to a small group people or have it being earned by community members that invest in it’s success?

I would rather have mining available to all people instead of only a
wealthy few that can afford to buy out all the high end graphics cards and
host them in their own data centers.

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Short term thinking since it won’t matter if you can mine ‘more affordably’ if botnets own 90% of hash power and dump coins as they mine.

90% botnet mined is too high (because then they could 51% attack).

But I’d be okay with even as much 15% botnet mined, if that was what it
took to achieve the “anybody can mine” dream.

Fact if he matter is, mining with equihash is resource intensive and most
herders wouldn’t want to risk mining zec on their network – as it
increases their chance of being discovered.

The bread and butter of botnet herders is spamming and ddosing. They
generally don’t want to risk discovery. So I would expect to see only an
insignificant percentage of the total network hashing power being held by

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i’m trying to mine on supanova but all im seeing is skipping take share??? any ideas??