GTX 1070, 1060 risers?

Hi guys, I am planning on building a mining rig with 2xGTX 1070 and 4xGTX 1060
Now the problem is I ordered 6 risers ver 007S, which have peripheral (sata) connector. As far as I read I won’t have a problem on my GTX 1070 cards since they have 8+6 pin which is 225W and I’ll be using tops 180W per card~
On the 1060 cards though they have only a single 6 pin connector, which is 75W, and they’ll probably be at 110-130W (haven’t tested yet…). As far as I read it’s not recommended to use peripheral cable for this purpose. Should I buy the ver 006C risers that have the PCI-e connector on them? (i.e.

My PSU is a Seasonic Prime 1200W Gold btw

How can you connect all 6 card and riser with PSU only… of not using power fron sata…

I have outputs for 5x 2x8 PCI-e cables, so I have 10 PCI-e cables total. I can use 4 for the 1070s and their risers and 4 for the 1060s and their risers if I use 1x8 to 2x6 pin splitters and I’ll still have 2 left.