How to update Zcash wallet without losing t-addr?

Novice here, wondering if t-addr will be lost after Zcash wallet is updated.

One more query, don’t know how to run commands to update without damaging existing wallet addresses.

I’m assuming you’re on linux? If that’s the case, first off make a backup copy of ~/.zcash/wallet.dat and store it offline. If you computer should happen to go up in flames, be destroyed in a flood or be hit by a meteor, that’s all you need to get back your wallet.

Next, upgrading zcash itself SHOULDN’T do anything at all to the wallet file mentioned above, and if it does, something has gone horribly awry, as that file isn’t touched by (re-)installing, it is just generated the first time zcashd is run. But if somehow the stars have a bad alignment and your computer is hit by a stray cosmic ray while upgrading, that’s why you have the backup, yes? :slight_smile:

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Thanks. Got it. I finally found the commands on how to upgrade the wallet.

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Now I got the problem of backing up wallet.dat, and then I reinstall zcash wallet and replaced the new wallet.dat with old one. But nothing happened. The wallet shows zero balance.

Just stop zcashd, drop the backed up wallet.dat on top of the new empty one, and start it back up again, and it should be all fine.

Thanks. I regenerated t-addr so after replaced this new t-addr wallet with old file, I stopped zcashd and rerun the zcashd. After quite long time, the balance is correct now.

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