How to update Zcash client without losing my wallet?

Hello all,

I’m getting this error: “Your client is out of date and potentially vulnerable to denial of service. Please update to the most recent version of Zcash (1.0.5). More info at: Security Information - Zcash

How can I update my client without losing my wallet and my money?


I will try to explain to you a good how to update to the last 1.0.6 node/wallet withot change your actual zcash wallet.
I will suppose that you are running a ZCash wallet/node in Línux. Then first of all, to make a security
copy of your ZCash wallet, follow the next shorts steps that I will write:
1º) Save to a secure place, for example an external usb drive, or simply a different folder in your system the following archive wallet.dat. It is localiced into /root/.zcash, you can see it running
the following línux command into a terminal:
ls -l /root/.zcash

Then for this example I will save wallet.dat to Downloads.
cp /root/.zcash/wallet.dat /home/YOU_MUST_WRITE_HERE_YOUR_USER/Downloads

After this you can download the zcash binary from:

You have to stop your ZCash wallet/node before the update process.
When you have stoped the ZCash wallet node.
(For example, if you start your ZCash daemon for your ZCash wallet/node with the following
línux command:
/usr/bin/zcashd --daemon
to stop your ZCash wallet/node you must run:
/usr/bin/zcash-cli stop)

Then the ZCash node/wallet stop. After that to update your ZCash node/wallet run the following línux command:

If the ZCash binary downloaded is in Downloads folder as usual then run as root in a terminal:
dpkg -i /home/YOU_MUST_WRITE_HERE_YOUR_USER/Downloads/zcash-1.0.6-amd64.deb

It will install your ZCash v.1.0.6. When finished you can start and manage your ZCash wallet/node
from /usr/bin directory.

To start the daemon:

/usr/bin/zcashd --daemon

To stop the daemon:

/usr/bin/zcash-cli stop

To see your actual balance, chainblock, wallet version, etc,…

/usr/bin/zcash-cli getinfo

That was all, you got!


If you downloaded from git, you can do this simply with the commands below.

~ $ cd zcash
~/zcash $ git fetch && git checkout v1.0.6
~/zcash $ make clean
~/zcash $ ./zcutil/

edit: changed ‘zc-util’ to ‘zcutil’ to match actual directory name

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Worked great !

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Oh you’re right, it is just zcutil. I’ll edit my post above.