HW wallets - z-transactions

I saw it but don’t think it has been uploaded yet, perhaps @elenita would know?

Hi everyone- we’re working on uploading three community calls from the past week (2 arborist calls and 1 gardening club). Apologies for the delay. They will be online soon!


Just uploaded:


Thanks @Shawn! That was great, and the part on HW wallets was very interesting for me, and gave me an idea of how much work has gone into it.
However, my sensation (could be wrong) is that we still need some more work (months?) before Ledger really integrates this in Ledger Live. Do you have some more data on this?

About the device being slow/very slow, I don’t consider this a big limitation, as the main use case would probably be to store the great part of own’s ZECs and move them only from time to time to a faster wallet (mobile phone or PC) for more frequent expenses.


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so it will be as slow/very slow in final as was said with no potential impovments?

I watched it, daira said hir is going to review codebase to see if there could be any major optimizations. Overall, it seems like the whole transaction sending takes 9 mins. Not sure if that hinders users from storing Zcash shielded on ledger.


This is why retrofitting sucks.

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Are there any limitations on broadcasting a transaction from a HW wallet that received funds from a Z-addr? I have not been able to send ZEC from a Ledger which accepted the funds from a full node shielded address. Is this a common issue, and is there a work around to fix this?

The following error keeps occurring: The server could not handle your request. Please try again later or contact Ledger Support. {“result”:null,“error”:{“code”:-26,“message”:“16: old-consensus-branch-id (Expected e9ff75a6, found f5b9230b)”},“id”:125178}

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Did you update ledger live?

You need to update both your on-device Zcash application to the latest version and your on-device Bitcoin application to the latest version (since the on-device Zcash application needs the on-device Bitcoin application to operate).

That error message means that your on-device Zcash & Bitcoin applications are from before the last Zcash network upgrade back in November 2020. The network upgrade changed the branch id, which is used during the process of signing transactions. So you won’t be able to validly sign any transactions until you update the aforementioned on-device applications to their latest versions.


Looking forward to the next update on how the Ledger integration is going

It would be good if someone could get Ledger to update their Zcash description here as well: ZCash Wallet - Secure your ZCash (ZEC) assets | Ledger (Replacing ZCash with Zcash, updating block reward/time details etc.)


I appreciate your guidance on the matter. I was able to update the firmware and applications on the device, and successfully broadcast the transaction. Thanks


OK guys,
one more month has passed and still no news about the integration in Ledger Live.
Do you have some news about this please?



Are Zondax folks collaborating with @daira & team to optimize ledger integration to make usability number go up? @aserrano

@Dodger is there any payment left to make for Zondax?


No news here since May 14. It seems a long time for something so important and critical to Zcash adoption.
May we have an update on this, please?




Yes, z2z have in omplemented ad working.

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This project does lack of transparency. Initial deadline: End of last year. Then we’re confirmed it is happening, and that the Ledger team needs to review it.
It would be nice to have a real update on such important projects. It’s OK if something went wrong or if we figured out is not possible, or if the strategy changed. It would just be nice to know. That would probably also make people more critical and vocal on other future projects.

Better to close a project or delay with clear reasons than make it feel like a vaporware.


Let’s not fund projects via ZOMG or ZF grant that doesn’t provide regular project updates. It doesn’t matter what it is.

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What kind of lack of transparency are we talking about? We had the video from which it is quite obvious that the project is stuck on the technical limitations of the device. I personally don’t need transactions that will run for 9 minutes.And I think don’t for me only. What is the point of saying that a product has been created if it is not convenient to use it. At the same time, it cannot be denied that the team did a great job, and that no one knew how it would end and no one knew that Ledjer could not process shielded transactions due to the small amount of memory.

However, this is not the end. We also know that we will soon get a completely new pool, with different working methods. And we know that the Trezor team has announced that they will develop their own solution for the new pool. I am sure that technical progress does not stand still, and the work on integration into Ledger was not done in vain. We just need to wait for the moment when Zcash technology will be compatible with Ledger hardware wallets.

We need patience again. This is true. From the first day, Zcash was not technically ready for mass everyday use. We still have a long way to go. Everyone should be honest with themselves, just be aware of this thought.


Maybe the info is there, and transparency is not the best term, but it is not easy to find this info.
Having a regular short status update on different projects at the same place (a dedicated webpage?) would increase visibility and understanding. You resumed the status in your post. That’s nice, thanks for that.