Our own hardware wallet

Hi all

Despite dev fund contributions on multiple occasions we are currently no closer to having a hardware wallet that supports shielded ZEC.

We should start to read between the lines and realise that the excuses of technical issues holding these projects back are exactly that, just excuses to obfuscate the real reason, that there is some political actor behind the scenes preventing this from happening.

The best path forward in my opinion is for us to just build our own hardware wallet using the dev fund. We won’t have to worry about some other businesses internal politics and can just get on with the job of getting it done.

If someone has the skills to do this and can put the proposal together it would definitely get my support

it costs billions of dollars

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We will have them by September. I believe.

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I won’t be holding my breath

@hanh’s hardware wallet integration skills will take everyone’s breath away down under!

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That’s the main reason they Zcash is failing for now