I am holding zcash, does this make me elligible for zclassic?

Hi there ! A friend and I have been mining ZCASH now since one year and storing on JAXX multi.sig wallet ! Are we elligible for a claim on some zclassic and later zen too after these hardforks ?? IF so what is the procedure please if anybody here knows ! thanks )

Zclassic forked from Zcash shortly after Zcash launched in Q4 2016 - but I don’t think any Zcash you had would be eligible for Zclassic.

But Zencash forked from Zclassic in 2017 and any Zclassic you had would make you eligible for some Zencash.

Hi there, thanks so much for getting back to me on that question ! So I guess Zcash holders get nothing then (( I have no Zclassic so i guess i can forget the Zen too ( What are thoughts between these different coins then ?? Is Zcash depassed by wither of these two coins ?? thanks again )