Anyone Using ZClassic?

It seems to be a copy of ZCash without the 20% developers tax, looks interesting

Im mining Zclasic, way more stable price than zcash atm and I think it will see healthier development since it is not under so much pressure and it didnt have this crazy bananas price hype.

The dev tax was a very bad idea.

Yeah I mine zCash Classic also. 30% more value and it has a lot more potential upside.

i started mining it also
though still mining ZCash also, just testing it out now, see how the transfers and exchanges go

If the feature is exactly same, there is no reason people stick to the original one; ZClassic has no slow start nor 20% mining fee to the founders.

Is it as simple as pointing your miner to a ZCL pool with a ZCL address?

Yes (20 characters…)

Dev team, Dev team, Dev team

it has a dev team, they work for free

Lol, like Monero…

No thanks.

The fact that ZCash has paid developers who are as invested in the development and future value of what I mine means a lot more to me as someone who mines and holds.

ZClassic is for turn-and-burners…

if it turns a profit i dont care what I mine
i trade it for BTC, Cash or ETH right now anyway
ill keep ZEC once hte price stabilizes and slow start is over
mining ZEC for ZEC is stupid today
we Mine ZEC for profit, to buy BTC or more ZEC in the future
holding ZEC today is just dumb

if I can mine ZClassic today and buy more BTC
which tomorrow I can then by more ZEC than I could buy today
why wouldnt I do it?

anyways you should be encouraging people to mine ZClassic - it brings down the difficulty of mining ZCash!

why do you make your own job harder? that again… is just stupid

if it works, it works

if I say i want to mine ZClassic - you should be encouraging it… you want to mine ZCash easier!
that is unless you see ZClassic as a threat…

If zooko says ZClassic is good, than its good for me 2

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I don’t encourage people to mine anything. I said that I personally, wouldn’t bother mining something without a solid KNOWN dev team because I keep part of what I mine. People can do what they want. I have a large GPU farm. I’m not a hobbyist who needs to turn and burn ZEC for another GPU. That’s why I mine ETH and not ETC. One has a solid future because of who is involved and the fact that credentials and brainpower matters in this space. The other is speculative and whose development is based on the work of people no one heard of before. I trust Zooko and Vitalik. I don’t trust some random guy I never heard of before. It’s that simple.

You can do what you like of course but you should probably know that after the slow start is over some very big GPU farms will jack up the difficulty so even with a reduced reward right now it still may be possible that you make more during the slow start than when it is over… The slow start made what I mine valuable and not just another crapcoin.

I also don’t buy knock off cheap counterfeit watches.

I agree with some terms. But take a look zcash is going up up up :-), I dont change ZEC to BTC anymore …

who cares if you trade it the same day, you run it as a farm, someone trying to make a living from it - which IMHO is sad
i just do it as a hobby for fun :slight_smile: i dont really care about the money

we will see in a week. its still fluctuating i think

When you’re not a kid who actually has a business you don’t:

a) Have the time to sit on Poloniex all day.

b) Need to burn the crypto you mine to expand your GPU farm. I mine and hold because I can. When you have in excess of 35+ Ksol/s or so you can do that.

c) Want to dump large amounts on the market because hurts the value of the currency. I choose to hold because I take a long view and believe it will be worth more than it is now.

ok sure do what you want
dont tell me what to do

and im not a kid, i just work from home
hell i may have sold you stuff in the past
anyway logging in to sell something a few times a day takes seconds

and if you have tons of ZCash you have been holding these last 2 weeks
you could have 5 tons more if you sold it for BTC and bought it back today. so whatever

I never did. facepalm

alright thats good, so people want to mine ZClassic its good
people want to sell of ZEC today for BTC and buy back ZEC later, its good

your into privacy a lot - you happen to have any guy fawkes masks?
are most cascadians really into privacy and anonymous/guy fawkes?
that flag would look nice on a mask