ZClassic - Clone of Zcash

No idea if I am allowed to post this or not on this forum but if you search Bitcointalk they released a clone to Zcash which removes the “Slow start mining reward” and “20% founders reward”.

Apparently it hit a few exchanges and its getting pretty big. Slightly more profitable than ZEC at the moment.


You can use your current miners and everything.

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…one problem I see is that it uses the same daemon - zcashd and config folders so I doubt that plugging a miner into zclassic using the existing zcash install would work very well. I don’t wanna mangle my smoothly running zcash install. i.e. not for a newbie already mining zcash

But what team is behind, does it have enough expertise and real world connections to move coin? Who are the people behind, their names? Its very idealistic and for comparison ETH/ETC, which where and for which price?

Opened zclassic pool. Seems quite profitable.

Just set up a virtual machine and install Zcash Classic deamon there. :slight_smile:

I realize that’s an option. Just not do-able. To me it’s bad form to use the same name and environment variables for a different coin’s executables. Messy for me to deal with until this is changed.

good lord (and He doesn’t require 20 characters)