I can dramatically increase users of Zcash in UK & Ireland

To whom it may concern,

I come from a sales & marketing background and I have a team of sales guys who do lots of telesales and it remains one of the most effective and efficient ways to engage the public. My idea involves utilising my team to canvas people who have expressed an interest in crypto, talk to them and if they are interested then talk them through the process. The majority of the public are now waking up to crypto but the interest is mainly still in Bitcoin. They don’t really understand crypto but the understand that they should probably own some and thats about as far as their interest goes.

A rough outline of my idea is as follows:

  1. For Zcash to generate a limited amount of coins to be used in this experiment - eg 200K.

  2. My website generates interested leads

  3. My team sell a limited amount of Zcash to each of these interested people, so that we spread it to many not few. How we do this is open to discussion also, but I have further ideas on this, perhaps involving one of the major exchanges.

  4. For every Zcash token sold, my operation is paid in Zcash on a 1:1 basis or 1:2. Remember I am covering my costs at my end.

  5. Over the course of a few months, the number of individuals holding Zcash increases dramatically in Uk & Ireland. If this trial proves effective, we can roll it out initially to other English speaking countries and then to other countries.

You must be aware that in the not too distant future many good Crypto coins will fade away due to the fact that they just won’t be adopted by enough people. But the winners will be those that managed to become adopted by more people, regardless of whether or not they are the best. Think VHS versus Betamax.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my idea no matter if its negative or positive.


I don’t think you really understand how this all works from statement 1)


Hi Kahooli,

Thanks for the response.

Perhaps I don’t understand. Are you telling me that all coins that will ever be in existence have already been produced or that because the coins are mined, that this is the only way to produce them?


The coin supply and inflation rate were fixed when the network went live. To arbitrarily change the code to change this would result in a hard fork. I, as a miner and zcash user would not accept this arbitrary inflation of supply.
If the company wanted to pay you from the founder’s reward that is their prerogative, but would not be a matter of generating/forging arbitrary new amounts of supply.

on 4)
I have to also ask why you think you should be paid such an exorbitantly high bounty for finding a new user for zcash? If you think you and your services are worth that much, buy the zcash on an exchange and sell it at a premium to your unsuspecting victims; don’t attempt to swindle the entire zcash user base through inflation. Thankfully the ZECC is not the US federal reserve or treasury and they aren’t going to impoverish their user base for their own benefit.


Ignoring the ridiculous 95% of the OP, he does have a point on which coins will survive. The only reason BTC is so big is it’s well known. Marketing and awareness will be what sets a coin apart from other even better from a technical standpoint coins.

First of all, thanks for answering my question - so it can be done then. Thats good.

Second point, I don’t swindle people and I have no plans to change that strategy ever.
I have a cost base which includes rent, wages and a very high phone bill so I’m telling whoever it may concern what I require to begin marketing the product. Should it ever come to pass and should it prove successful and gain momentum then that ratio almost certainly need to be sustained.

At the end of the day, if 50K new adopters (to begin with) can benefit Zcash and allow it to grow bigger than its contemporaries, then surely thats the ‘bigger picture’ you should be focussing on my short-sighted friend? Better than worrying that my efforts could earn me a few more sheckles than your’s currently do. After all, you may benefit greatly in the long term if Zash were to grow.


I do have a point and thanks for the constructive criticism regards the other 95% of my proposal.

*that ratio almost certainly DOESN"T need to be sustained.

first you should thing if zcash really need this and from a miner view i say hell no.
Second you should thing if the people here are so stupid as your telemarketing victims as for me i say again no
the prize will go up also without your “help” and a big prize jump without a drop would drag other miners from eth on other currencies making it less profitable for those who creating the network, the miners (well known situation after each bigger bump) as for me iam good with the current situation is ideal in my view (only 2.5 mil tokens mined out so far) it spikes high like for 300-400 and more euros and then will drop to 240 and below (under the prize of ETH)

Koso 16 - First point, “victims” , “stupid”… what’s with the hostility and abuse my friend? You don’t know me and if you did you would be aware that I run an ethical operation. I doubt I’d ever address someone on a public forum in the manner you have to me, but if I was foolish enough to do so, I would probably already be considering a well worded apology. You seem to have an issue with telemarketing per se, but like all forms of marketing, its as ethical or unethical as the people involved themselves and no better or worse than any other form of marketing. The largest and the most ethical companies in the world utilise telemarketing and have done for decades.

Secondly, that’s fine that you don’t rate my proposal, that’s why I floated the idea, to get constructive dialogue and feedback. I totally appreciate the non-abusive content of your feedback.

Thank you

To Kahooli:

Should read: "that ratio almost certainly won’t need to be sustained…

Ethical telemarketing LMFO … based on my real life situation there is nothing ethical in telemarketing and i cant see anything ethical in abuse of private information (like. phone num.)or taking advantage (luck of knowledge, social situation, …atc.) of their victims to push them to purchase something to gain profit. It is hard to believe that you and your team should be different. and yes i hate telemarketing since i never encountered a telemarketing company which wont abuse peoples private info or their situation (social,mental…atc)
Dont call me a friend i has not been your friend and never will be a friend with someone who work in telemarketing .
As for your proposal u thing someone would be so stupid to give you 200K so you can keep at least 100K…tell me then why would be anyone so stupid to sell their tokens at half of the market prize ? just to support you and bring few more people to hold few tokens of zcash ? Who wants to enter the game can enter it anytime without spamming phone calls from telemarketing companies.

Oh dear Koso my friend, replies like that don’t reflect well on you. I’m getting the impression that you’re a child of about 15 years old.

I’m going to have to cut you lose buddy, I’m here to talk to the adults in the room.

Best regards


To the adults in the room,

I now have it on good authority that Zcash does have budget for marketing its product. As do other coins such as Dash.

For the record, my operation is registered with the UK governments Information Commissioners Office and fully compliant with the Data Protection Act 1998. We do not ‘cold call’ as cold calling is illegal and earns the directors of such companies, whopping great fines. And since I’m the director, we don’t do that - because I don’t like the idea of being personally liable for a whopping great fine.

We market online and interested parties leave their contact details and give permission to be contacted by us. From there they are approached initially by telephone call or email to gauge their true interest. I have successfully marketed many products this way. It is ethical and legal and if done correctly, welcome by the customer. If the product is in any way complex, like solar panels installation for example,(or crypto currency) its often necessary for a potential customer to speak with an advisor who can assist them in their buying (or not buying) decision. Many people are right now avoiding crypto because they do not understand it and they wait weeks for coinbase (if they even get that far) to reply by email (usually a badly written one at that).

My proposal to to be commissioned on a 1:1 or 1:2 ratio may seem excessive but I’m throwing numbers out there at this point, it’s to be discussed. That said, to create a website 3,500 GBP (fixed one-off) monthly online marketing (I sub this out to a company) 1,600 GBP ongoing, wages to my staff (3 guys to begin with) 3,750 per month is a heavy burden and risk at my end. I would want to recover as much of that as I can in as quick a time as I can. Remember I am showing great faith and probably taking a very high risk in offering to be paid in Zcash, Are any of you miners in that deep, serious question for you all?

Adult responses more than welcome?

again im not a buddy or a friend of yours in any way …
and when we talking straight about impressions i have the impression that you are just scammer who treys to get easy money without much afford.
When your are so hyped from Zcash and would like to help it why the 1:1 or 1:2 commission ratio why not 5:1 or 10:1? it would be more than enough to cover all your financial needs for the project.
It seems to me like! hey all i have an idea how to make money but i need a investor who will financially cover it without any profit in return for the investor just a big profit to myself and “my team”.

FYI multiply your impression about my age times 2 and you will get the correct number.

my investment in mining hardware is beyond your costs by an order of magnitude

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I have no idea how much you invested into mining but appreciate that it could be a substantial investment. That said, you can now mine coins with a degree of certainty that justifies your investment. I propose something with no such certainty of success and should it end in abject failure then i personally bare these costs. Its a bit like comparing a substantial investment into real estate or the FTSE 100 versus a lesser amount invested into a start up or speculative pre IPO mining company - which one represents the most risk?

@BigBri You have already missed the first round of Zcash Foundation Grant submissions (GitHub - ZcashFoundation/GrantProposals-2017Q4: Submission site for Zcash Foundation grant proposals) and I know that the Zcash Company is in the process of hiring a Chief Marketing Officer who will be creating marketing strategies for Zcash Company in the future (https://z.cash/jobs/chief-marketing-officer.html).

I don’t personally think a calling/direct selling strategy would be a tactic that the company would support since the Zcash Company doesn’t actually “make” any Zcash to sell and it could potentially open tons of legal liability concerns but you are welcome to submit your idea to the official Zcash contact email: info@z.cash

Hi Shawn,

Thanks for the response and also for providing the relevant email address.

I will submit a brief proposal over the next few days for the relevant people to consider.

I hope its not the last time we communicate, but if it is, best of luck with Zcash and the future.

Best regards