Give the market something to talk about

We need something to excite the market! Dash announces they’re going to pay people to “hack their block chain”, and they get a bump in price… This should be standard practice, and for ZEC, security audits are a way of life… This is a selling point, and nobody talks about it …Back on subject… Can we get a video, or something of BTC-ZEC XCAT working, so we can stir-up excitement… This is how marketing is done when you don’t have much marketing.

ZEC market is currently starving for news, announcements, or anything really … know a lot of the work is on the backend, and understand that’s not really “sexy” until backend improvements are deployed… unfortunately, markets don’t care about that …we need something to keep interest up.

Was just lurking rocketchat, and noticed @anon47418038 wallet downloads reaching +1000 a day! that’s extremely good… that’s newsworthy


Love this post and suggestion and behind this 110%

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True, we need a marketing team. Wasn’t the foundation in charge of this?

it true. We need someting to put price go up

they JUST hired a project manger type person TODAY, give em a minute :slight_smile:

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I am thinking about starting a regular vlog on youtube, “Hunting the Snark”, about all of my ongoing adventures in the zcash ecosystem! It will be incredibly low production quality tho :slight_smile:
But will be updates of all my zcash, HUSH and SuperNET stuff (and related Seekrit Projectz when they come to light), probably weekly if I do it


I"ll wating for your vid

I’ll watch as well, just leave the youtube link here (or youtube name) @anon47418038

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username there is the same as here, twitter, gmail, github, reddit…all are radix42 :slight_smile:

I just checked and at LEAST the first two pages of google hits for “radix42” are all me on various platforms :slight_smile:

You still planning on setting up that site for news etc. dedicated to zec?

The best publicity is “word of mouth” and it’s free…get out on forums and social media (away from the “coin” universe) and spread the news!

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like to… problem is my skills are lacking in this area… if i built a site; everybody would hate it! don’t think i’d have a problem paying somebody with actual skills to build the site, but nobody seemed interested when i originally posted that.

Don’t be the tail trying to wag the dog.

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I would like to help … wouldn’t mind a small discussion to find the direction and create something out of it… wouldn’t mind spending a bit either … Anyone who would like to support the effort would be welcome…

This should start something


Have you seen all the Monero enthusiasts in the reply’s?

And again someone quoted Zooko’s twittter post. Its a shame everyone takes it out of context.

But definitely a good thing they accept Zcash. I think this says a lot, that Wikileaks chooses Zcash over Monero and others.


Open up PMs if you want to further discuss :slight_smile:

I also invest in DASH. I’m very active in that community. they do quite a bit of nontraditional marketing. the highest visibility they get comes from their YouTube channel. the people running the channel are all paid to develop and deliver content about their product. if you want an idea of what I’m talking about you can search for Dashforce news to see their weekly show. I’d love to see a similar push coming from the Z cash community but asking to get a similar production on a volunteer basis is highly unreasonable.
here is an example of the most recent show.

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Indeed, the problem is reaching the non-tech savy people, like the normal people who just know bitcoin and maybe ETH… But as @newport101 said… that requires a bit of funding from either the community/investors, or the founders/devs.