Zcash price ---<>

What do you think about zcash price?
What will happen in 1 month?
Actually value of Zcash follow down very fast :fearful:

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In crypto anything could happen, my hope is that with more supply and demand the price will keep poppin above bitcoin :slight_smile:

It would remarkable if anything other than a continued slide or crash occurred. Supply is not just growing, it’s accelerating through the slow start. The only use cases are likely going to see volume decline as people complete the stash of zcash they want. Accelerating supply and shrinking demand isn’t a complex and unpredictable environment.

Unless something big changes (an industry declaring zcash of interest and encouraging its members to secure zcash now for experimentation), gravity will continue to work as per usual.

Zcash will have its day in the sun, I think. But it would be silly to assume speculators would boost it above much longer lived and broadly used alternatives for very long. It needs its own market and that takes time to attract and mature.


Lets think about the coin with a healty mind no biased opinions.

The rewards of coins are going up. New stable miners are comming out increasing the difficulty and output of coins.
There is no practial use for ZEC. It only has potential to BECOME something like 200 other coins. What will happen? Nobody knows.
My guess is that everything evens out with other leading coins. And the price gets stale at around 0.5 Btc.

Could you explain these The only use cases

No, none what so ever fuddsters will fud

Other than speculation (holding in case it’s successful in the future), I’ve seen it used to donate to zcash developers who make miners et al.

I’m sorry i really dont understand what you are trying to tell me ^^

Can it be compared to bitcoin except with better privacy ? is privacy a usecase does it matter the price when using as a store of private value to pass from one place to another .


Will BTC and ZEC level around the same price :slight_smile:

Private stores of value are a ‘potential’ use case, alongside millions of other potential use cases. Why would anyone store their value in a crazy volatile asset using cutting edge (unproven) technology (zksnarks and secure multiparty computing to attempt to destroy toxic waste keys) with very little adoption (the breadth of the market is going to important to maintain value long term)? I’ve certainly seen no evidence that people are currently using it that way. Someday that market is a potential source of demand, and it’s one that could be built and mature. But again, that takes time and luck and probably lots of both.

No i dont belive it. ZEC price is set by traders on Poloniex,Kraken etc. as i said it has no real value. If you have zec in your pocket what can you do with it? Nothing.

You can wait 1,2,3 years IF it becomes the new bitcoin, but lets be honest how many NEW bitcoins did we have? ETC,ETH,MONERO,ripple,litecoin,feathercoin,dash and like 50 more.

As for now, you mine ZEC and trade for bitcoin for a set price and change bitcoins to euros. It has no basis the price is based on speculation. Sooner or later its gonna be worth the same as if you are mining eth,etc,feather. They are all ALMOST the same profitability.

TL;dr: Slow start by developers, many more coins to come, price gonna tank.

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Yep, Zksnarks is potentially massive as we’ve already witnessed at launch. So having a cash like cryptocurrency is way better than bitcoin. just saying :smile:

I’m here for a reason. I don’t need to be convinced Zcash is cool. I’ve been following it for a year and will try to mine some if each is worth a penny. But I’m not going to pretend demand exists where it doesn’t yet. Every such coin has had to prove itself over time, and Zcash isn’t exempt from that.

Zcash defied gravity out of the gate for the same reason anything ever has: lift. It has an interesting technological foundation which remains but was more an initial $1-20/ZEC valuation, it had hyper scarcity which drove most of the value but is lessened every day and it had good coverage which is already being hurt as the scarcity-driven price sinks. For Zcash to defy gravity again, it needs new lift. Period.


Sooner or later bitcoin will have to have a competitor, and the feeling i’m getting is that major bitcoin holders / investors will not like this competition, they have been controlling the crypto currency since its inception. I find zec a very potentionl contender to bitcoin, and with more and more new people entering the mining world (like myself … i just started mining less than a month ago) and who didn’t live bitcoin in its infancy and simple mining days, for all of this, zec could become like the USD & Euro !!!

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We need a genius to implement it into Ledger’s Bitcoin app. Just like when you open the chrome ethereum app it prompts you to choose etc or eth… The Bitcoin app could prompt you to choose zec or btc.

Once you see zec on hardware wallets the sky happens.


ZEC will overtake bitcoin in market capitalization, not because of speculation, but because of its utility. This will take multiple years to happen. People who doubt this simply don’t understand it’s technological innovation: it solves the fungibility problem, which is a requirement for money in the real world.

Right now ZEC is dropping because miners are falling over themselves in a race to sell everything for ETH or BTC. This will continue at least until the profit from ZEC mining reaches an equilibrium with ETH mining. At that point the mad race to sell ZEC will subside, because miners will either stop selling their mined ZEC and hold, or switch back to mining ETH. They certainly won’t continue to mine ZEC only to sell it for less than they would have made mining ETH straight.


I Think this the right vision

BTC is good for transferring wealth across borders. ZEC is good for holding (if it were stable) and transferring wealth without regard to laws. Guess what you start doing if you expect to get a divorce. It’s not just good for the CIA financing the next Venezuelan political campaign, KGB paying off paid Ukranian rebel rousers, or American Muslims financing ISIS. It’s the only truly secure off-shore account because it’s an off-world account that could be inhibited by human legal or moral values. The world of A.I. currently replacing brains and thereby causing worldwide economic confusion and malaise is thankful. Anti-bank people and “the 99%” wanting limited-supply currencies and human-rights people wanting Zcash are great examples of irony. The successful dismantling of well-reasoned classical economic thinking of the late 1800’s by rabid Keynesianism, Chicago school, and Hayakism has been the equivalent of dismantling Darwin’s evolutionary theory and late 1800’s math (which few have mastered and is about the only math Richard Feynman ever used in theoretical physics). Granted the existence of some Lamarkism discovered in the past decade has surprised evolution theorists.

ZEC: $100 in a month. $10 when ETH goes PoS, making existing GPU cards are worthless. The best hope in mining ZEC is massive amounts of illegal activity.

In this moment, there is a clear minipulation in market. There a lot of relavant buy orders pushing the Zcash price down and i think they are buying and selling between themselve . SEC will check it, because someones already report it to them. my question is: who is doing it, why,

Let’s say Zcash is widely adopted and at some endpoints you’re enforced to use a transparent address because of law enforcement requirements. Boom! Fungibility gone. All because using t-address is possible. z-address is not forced.
Again if not a lot of people are doing transaction via z-address, a timing analysis can trash fungibility again.
What I mean to understand is what is special in zcash that Monero doesn’t have.
P.S: Don’t get me wrong. I’m also hopeful with zcash.

with all due respect this whole ZCash “storyline” reminds me of the Paycoin scam that stole millions of $ from thousands of investors. Paycoin team had patented technology, massive support, hype due to they owned btc.com and then the coin just died. Trus me I was there. I have seen this play out.

This is not saying that I dont believe in the technology but just warning you guys that this coin will be trading at $1 before you know it and then all your savings are gonna be gone. Please dont get burnt. The technology is already out there so anyone can copy it, also Ethereum is working on implementing it. This coin will have no use.

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