I got a payment in zcash but i didnt received the money

I have been minning for days, but i didn’t received the last payment to my wallet. (I received the other payouts)

I got in the zcash web the payout: Zcash Flypool - Zcash (ZEC) mining pool

But i didn’t received the mail confirmation and i didn’t received the money.

What wallet are you using?

A wallet from Kraken


There is an issue with Kraken just now not showing the ZEC. See my post below.


That problem is not for Kraken also for Poloniex. Noone of my payments to poloniex are deposited today

@polepo @Qqq2519

You should NOT be using an exchange as your mining wallet. Than can and will delay your transactions to make you want to move it off of their network.

if you must use an exchange, no more than one deposit in a 24 hour period. Even then it make take 7 or more hours for it to show up.

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